You believe nothing?

Did you say,You do not believe,Nothing?Oh, okay,Hmm,Do you breathe every day?Breathing,Huh,You believe in breathing,Do not you! © Ismael Mansoor

It is all on you

When focusing on the breath,Thou doth not feel stress.But if thee feel stress,Does it mean that you hardly inhale? Being grateful for what you have is better,Than being ungrateful for what you don’t have The mind is proof that you can or can’t –It is all on your attitude. © Ismael Mansoor

Remember to breathe

Healing thoughts, he dared, I am my body, my choice,But she said, share me with thy faith, for we will be togetherThen forever years will we share with the public dailyWhether if each day and night are so differentWe shall give many thanks for free oxygen from the Earth,So let, she said with a shiningContinue reading “Remember to breathe”