Think, Think, and Think

Think, think, and think Do you think you can make the world be your thinking way? Deaf can change Deaf, as Hearing can change Hearing Do you think the Deaf can change Hearing? Yes, why not? For the history taught us That Hearing can change Deaf Proven by the world, oh yeah Deaf wears HearingContinue reading “Think, Think, and Think”

Saviors: Blocked

If I told you about the Deaf generationYour forefathers or foremothers controlled my kindYour kind was Hearing, and my kind was DeafYou saw I lived under your rule and remembered You jumped into my lifeAnd put a yoke on my earsThinking it would benefit me for your kindBut you made me forsaken my kind MyContinue reading “Saviors: Blocked”

See he can dance

Have a look at our new SASL music video: “See he can dance.” This video contains music that Hearing people can also enjoy. Enjoy and drop a comment below! Translation from South African Sign Language to English See, see, see He can dance Whoa , Oh, He can dance Can, can, can Oh, watch him,Continue reading “See he can dance”