I thought the whole world couldn’t stop me

Immune, I see you have managed to corner me. I never had this before, but I will reward you for unleashing my full power. So powerful. Yes, Immune. How do you like it? You can’t do anything. A damn can’t do anything! A strongest even can’t do a thing to stop me, yet you, eish,Continue reading “I thought the whole world couldn’t stop me”

Bell the words in my mind

I think, though, and wonder.Those words are similar meanings.But thee bell a sound to explain,But I misunderstand ye with my mind. What were they trying to say?I try to understand your lip-readingBut thee should try to read my hands,For both of us misunderstand our languages. Old English is in my thoughts; let them play withContinue reading “Bell the words in my mind”

Earth’s Boundaries

I let you drink water and eat bread,So let me smile for no reason,And let me act the cheer upon my body,Knowing that you are thirsty is now satisfying,And also, your stomach is now filling. He will tell you why the Earth lets you live on her surface,And she will also tell you why youContinue reading “Earth’s Boundaries”

I feel it with my inner world

I shall tell you about my beloved lilyShe feeds me every day, with her loveShe knows the best version of her loverI am in her head, consistent, and love growsFrom a seed to a tree, and the tree to a forestBut I tell you that she continues to harvest themCause her heart looks up toContinue reading “I feel it with my inner world”

Stay clean is necessary?

The bottle is not for me to use,But how could I use it to rubbish the world?I did not know what I was supposed to do,But you should tell me to save them, well you did,What did I do? I did nothing to pick up the world’s rubbish. The bottle, can, plastic, whatever they canContinue reading “Stay clean is necessary?”

Courage but belief in yourself

I wish you an excellent future for ye,But I saw thine spirit, thy body languageI will fill you the uplifting self,But thee must feel the truthful soul. Come, come, and tell me if ye have some impatience,Come to me, for I am thy hope and thy comfort zone,But go to yourself, for thyself need you,Continue reading “Courage but belief in yourself”

I shall be different

Hmm,Thou becometh the most influential person,Then shall I be one among thou,But thee, hmm, I shall be different,Bestowing the words of the miracle,Which I see in His Live Stream,I might be proud you see in me,But proud am I to the Miracle,For He validates me, valid, valid, and valid! ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Maybe I am different

I know in me have afraid that we have fear in the world,I was worried, which meant my thoughts were fearful,I realised then it was negative thoughts that make fear and afraid,I tried my best to be a good thought, and I affirmed the exact words,Over and over, over and over, over and over, theContinue reading “Maybe I am different”

So much strange hey, but well it is,

You become what you sought that you reap,Then thou looketh at the sky, thinkingWhat sought thou reapeth in the time of life,Where everyone comes to think of a strangeness,Israel is in Europe which it’s neighbour Saudi Arab in Asia,What strange is such a weird thought,Hey, hey, hey, the world has gone mad mind whenIt isContinue reading “So much strange hey, but well it is,”

Human or a labelled human?

Valid, valid thine self that is only the way thou willeth be truthful,Let thy mind be thy thoughts that tell ye of thine wisdom,Wisdom, freestyle is the thing that we have in our books,Freestyle is what thou art good at, free man, free woman,Free every man and woman, every child, every else of the world,Continue reading “Human or a labelled human?”