Unknown figure

The imagination at the moment,Hope is with my mind,But she imagines me as a hidden secret,And also imaging me as a gift one,And also as a miracle. Hope’s dream makes everything else comes to fantasy,A dream yet a strong belief that turns everything on,And the feelings, quick overflow,The everlasting, forever, and ever,Such a riddle, suchContinue reading “Unknown figure”

Our People

He said, “What brings you here? For this Deaf person has no words for you to hear.”But she said, “Nevermind this hearing man, for he, himself, has no words for this Deaf person to see.”“What, what? I have no words for him to see? I spoke, and he misunderstood.”“And he signed, but you misunderstood.”“Well,” saidContinue reading “Our People”


Compare to what ye say of them upon thine assumption,I say if I compare between alcoholic and water,What say ye of thine self if somebody tells thee this waterOf a cup that will save thy throat, and of a bucketThat will hygiene thy body as if thee art in a cleansing lake? Come, come, youContinue reading “SUCH A DEVOTION?”

Don’t Waste Your Talent

If you don’t use your talents, it is you who defy your talentsLeast, use one of your talents, in front of the world,The Universe will smile at your talent, and it will continue smiling for you,At the same time, the world will sponsor your talent to the flourishment. What say one of your talents canContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Talent”

Choice of words and the message

Into lightness, sturdy with calmMight feel as peace’s awesomeDown the calm line, at the sentence,With the nice words that stab the impatienceFeel the way in the lightnessHealer, curer, mender, and healthierA light feeling threw over my goodness,The shine sunlight save me warmth,Like the shine, moonlight save me to the chiller,Mystery watches to see/feel,Me to carryContinue reading “Choice of words and the message”

How come to close heart for long…

Grace, her magic arrivesEveryone cheer and rejoiceGo and pay your salutationShe has not destroyed us, Grace, Grace, and GraceEveryone chants, GraceGo and pay your attention to her, with your kindness,She has welcomed us with her understanding. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Path To Happiness

The Sadness is a friend to the emotion, and the Sadness said, “I had the whole depression within myself, and I let it not slip away. Well, the world allows me to miseries all that dwells inside me that eats it up all in the universe.” The Happiness is a rival to the Sadness, saidContinue reading “The Path To Happiness”

Transforming from stress to smile

The stress said, “Ye came to me as thine will, and it thanks to ye that I can survive until I die the day ye completely forsake me.” The anxiety said, “Ye went thine way to me as if ye rush to carry all thine blood to the heart, and say, “I don’t know whatContinue reading “Transforming from stress to smile”

To Twist The Tales From…

What does the Signer want from him? It has been riddled, for sure, but his mind pays the respect’s gesture, and said to the Signer, “I shall sign language that dialect from you. WILL ME SIGN WHY? ME UNDERSTAND EASY COMMUNICATE. Though, I may use English to interpret sign language, but what you sign isContinue reading “To Twist The Tales From…”

I’ll need this

Yes, my supernatural giftCannot be known when IWill rise up to the top theMountain because my giftIs improving to be a miracleOf my faith requests wealth “Good day, my girlfriend,” said he.“And you too, my boyfriend,” said she.“Beware the negative mind,” said he.“It is an honor to be good,” said she.“Permit us to stand onContinue reading “I’ll need this”