The Path of Deafness

Why did I turn to the Miracle Creator?I don’t know whyBut the world opens my mind to wisdom,I don’t know-howBut the world opens my heart for understanding,I don’t know whatBut the world opens my soul for the miracle, Maybe the path to the Deaf World,Help open my eyesMaybe, I don’t know, yeah maybe,But the worldContinue reading “The Path of Deafness”

Shall or maybe

A man who invented a thing that was never before; had what they do: he believed in his invention and kept seeking until the sign appeared in his dream or any words from the mouth of humans that inspired him, even nature that has mountains, lands, seas, whatever there are in it shall or maybeContinue reading “Shall or maybe”

Say what you want

You can say all you wantBut I tell you what, your words are for you,In the same way, my words are for me,But yes, you choose what makes you believe,Oh, yeah, my mind is Deaf, so, what you say,Will not be with my Deaf mind if you experience isFrom the Hearing Mind, it’s the hearingContinue reading “Say what you want”

I think it is simple

When a person tells you that he/she will talk to you later or tomorrow or next week. Sometimes they don’t keep their words because sometimes they forget to keep their words. That is not like they don’t want to talk to you, but maybe they got some reason why they don’t keep their words —Continue reading “I think it is simple”

Just go the Miracle Way

Go the Miracle WayI don’t know how I go the Miracle Way,I don’t knowBut go the Miracle Way,Just go, and I shall witnessI shall witness with my own eyes,Better than nothing, better than nothing, yeah, better than nothingJust go the Miracle Way, and It shall see my path ahead of me,Just go, yeah, my headContinue reading “Just go the Miracle Way”

Look inside the body

Look inside the bodyHere is the living soul withinSo, just look inside the bodyOne shall think and feelOh yes, here is the living soul withinSo, live it, like your breath,I am free to breathe, so free to breathe,I am a free soul to live, free to experience,But hence, one shall think and feel,By choosing whatContinue reading “Look inside the body”

The abstract of the paradox

My mind is Deaf, yet the fantasy insistThat I speak of hope,That cries unto my world,To message the outside of the world,That my words will sword with,The peace that begets peace of love,Because it needs to voice,For what love is, and that love is,For the Miracle and the universe,To unlock all the wonderful things,To comeContinue reading “The abstract of the paradox”


Power, power, power Come on, have more power I don’t mean for the sake of Sin, But I mean only for the sake of Pure-Soul, So let us look inside our bodies, And say, we will find you, and we will touch it So that we may understand ourselves For the sake of Pure-Soul, ButContinue reading “BELIEF IS A POWER”