[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]

Much at all, yeah much at allOne shall know what I expect so muchI don’t expect from you, or anyoneI expect from the Miracle, yeah I expect from Him Look at the sky, when it rains, when it suns when it grays,When the world moves as itself to carry on the lifeOne has warmth, andContinue reading “[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]”

My Deaf Mind

Beneath, beneath, goodwill, well, riddle,How doth thou like if I sign a paradox,About how a sheep defeat all the predators?Neath, neath, look up to the goodwill of our Lord,The Miracle Creator, how you and I know not muchOf our Lord, the One who the world fights for His NameBut if ye ‘ve got the secretContinue reading “My Deaf Mind”

Yes, I don’t mind…

Yes, I don’t mind to tell you,I am Deaf,But if you freeze like a stone,I will pronounce some words,I can only speak;I am not qualified to speak,Like you are not qualified to sign.When I speak some words,You drop your stone,Why?I was able to try to speak,Your language. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Can I set myself free?

The want is in my heart,Like we all want more money,More money for our desire. I seek out of my heart, I want some things, but they are not free,Unless if I make things, I will be free, but my hunger bothers,With opening hand, I want food and drink cause I am hungry,Feed me withContinue reading “Can I set myself free?”

God wants you to love me…

God wants you to love me, But He also wants me to love you, So tell me, what should I do with love? God wants you to love me, So what should you do with me? I ask you not of gay nor lesbian even straight ones, I ask you as a person, man orContinue reading “God wants you to love me…”

Swift the show on the mystery

I act believably for when I amFrom the songs and the loves;I bear life shine for when I willIn the riddle, dreams of hope,From my beliefs are lighten.The hope that dreams wakenThe heaven thought every lo,Rest on me to the mysterious,Wield the thought of safety,And lighten the majestic feeling,And run it in watering like sun,AndContinue reading “Swift the show on the mystery”

See, hear, and feel him

Come, come, and see the world they are living in,I know not why they sin or dirty the Earth,But hear, hear, and feel the prayer of their hope,And see him as a quiet mouth with two noise hands,See, hear, and feel him, aye, I feel him too,The promise hopes for a promising world. ©️ IsmaelContinue reading “See, hear, and feel him”

Global Warming

What is the Earth doing now? Global Warming! Time to stop saying what you like about her weathers If you dislike the summer, time to change to like it, If you dislike the winter, time to change to like it, If you dislike Global Warming, what can you? Tell me, what can you do withContinue reading “Global Warming”

Why should he?

Why should he?Why should he saves one another when they can lie?The world still in the hands of knowledge, evil and goodHe is wondering what God can do to these sinners,But God sent prophets to deliver the same message,What is the same message? He tells his heart to feel,Why should he saves one another whenContinue reading “Why should he?”