Can I Get Your Attention?

WordPress storms my creativity, Thinking about swimming in my pool, Rejoice writing of the focusing wool, Likewise hence WordPress encourages my positivity. I try every best to draw your attention, But I think I fail it to do so, But I have other ways of the mention, The love of writing won’t forget me toContinue reading “Can I Get Your Attention?”

The Sheer Mind in the Inner’s Expression

Be with me, O the Miracle Creator,Be with me as Thee hath been with the world,Be with me as I would my mind be with Thee,Be as it may, but I am imperfect, What more should I do to make my mind become activated?What more should I make to think more of far distance?What moreContinue reading “The Sheer Mind in the Inner’s Expression”

The Riddle In the Heart

Aye believe in the Faith of the Creator;Victory is with the Panacea of His;Yes, the Gravity that He’s True-Faith call;His Glory before glories of all glories.Then if practice the Creator love my call,Practice can practise me for Faith of Victory;Yet be practised, I’m gravity on it,By willfulness of what I truly believe inI do believeContinue reading “The Riddle In the Heart”

[ You would have ]

If I were to make you the most powerful man, you would have followed the footsteps of the Miracle, followed in the path of the strength-faithful-affirmation, you would have followed the uniqueness of thyself in all the world. Come to see what’s known, and see what was there in ye comes out of thereunto thatContinue reading “[ You would have ]”

Something Different To Buy For E-Reading?

Hi all. It is for e-readers who love reading on a phone, laptop, pc, or electronic reading device. If you feel like something different to buy and read another book, come and purchase my book called “The Complete Collection of My Unspoken Deepest Thoughts.” It’s for you to explore a person’s different mind. The titleContinue reading “Something Different To Buy For E-Reading?”

[ Speak to me ]

Speak to me, And I will do my best to understand you. Speak to me, And I will do my best to say what’s needed, And all will do in the respect, Oh, I speak to myself in the sense of mind, And the heart, and hopefully my soul, I know that more than 90%Continue reading “[ Speak to me ]”

My Teen Of Memories

They said, Thou art stubbornest, I said, How? Why did ye wish me to keep quiet? And they acted “eish”, and they left,But another said, Thou art show-off,And I said, How? I did not think this way,Thence they acted like “never mind it.”And they left, but the other one said,Thou think your words can beatContinue reading “My Teen Of Memories”

The silver lining out of the circle

Start with the words, Well, I go into my mind, And walk through the distortion, And find the peacefulness at the end, Suddenly, all look at me, like all look at the Day. And also, like look at the Night, Then they throw their words inwards me, Define, learn, and we will provide for theeContinue reading “The silver lining out of the circle”