Survival of Mother Earth within a thought

Why does the greedy need so much more than enough?If it is for to give to others, it will be great,But if not, how could it be for ye to ‘ve more than just?I do not understand how thine brain works like this way,But the forgive will tell ye, “Forgive the good-provoke,For they just wantContinue reading “Survival of Mother Earth within a thought”


Ye need what? Water and food which is in non-killing,But someone says you kill the plant the moment you cut off their stem.Well, well, said somebody else, the plant has their regeneration,Reproduction, photosynthesis, what’s more?If thee need food that is from the killing,How many more blood will thereupon thine hands?Everyone is gone to the lossContinue reading “Why?”

Exposure: the tempt?

Come, come, I will show you the path of thy soul,And thou shall decide afterward, for thee art seeker,Even all other things that define who thou artI will come to ye with the Glory‚Äôs powerFor all to come, yet all will be revealing Then he will show ye with his honestyAnd she will build theContinue reading “Exposure: the tempt?”

You are Trusted

If ye, a good one, one of the truthful soulWill ye come with the Great Miracle?I do not have to hope, the-believe just faith,For everyone has their wisdom sleepingThen only can they unlock it by themselves?Or else who will do it for them?I shall pray the Miracle shall do it for us,For every one ofContinue reading “You are Trusted”

Shall We?

The provoke said, “Why are you here?”The chuckle, “Ye knew not the whole time.”“Well,” said the man of hope not false,“I want ye to see me how the reality defines,Then ye will not provoke me,Neither I to ye.”But the provoke chuckles, “Either way I to ye,I shall provoke ye if the patient is not inContinue reading “Shall We?”

Holy or just a talk?

The seven ones who are holy onesThey said you call the MiracleWho do you think you are?You are brave to say such words,But why such words out of your mouth?The provoke made and make you write,Out of yourself, yes, thyself, and such Old EnglishThey would say, why did thee bring out the old past?And theContinue reading “Holy or just a talk?”

Thee tell me…

Thee tell me,What should thou doth with thy body,Abuse or pay respect,Which one? Again will thee tell me,What should ye do to give the best you can?Thee should ask the sharer, for they know the best,But doth not thou dare to ask the selfish-greedy,For they know the best of what is not in the shareContinue reading “Thee tell me…”

In My World

In my world, I daydream the MiracleOh, when I say “in my world,”I meant my inner worldOh, when thou come to my worldThou shall find both sidesThe light and the darknessAye, ye shall say, why would thouAnd I shall reply, why would thouIgnore thy world that has both sides?Look at the Universe, look at theContinue reading “In My World”

Unknown figure

The imagination at the moment,Hope is with my mind,But she imagines me as a hidden secret,And also imaging me as a gift one,And also as a miracle. Hope’s dream makes everything else comes to fantasy,A dream yet a strong belief that turns everything on,And the feelings, quick overflow,The everlasting, forever, and ever,Such a riddle, suchContinue reading “Unknown figure”

Our People

He said, “What brings you here? For this Deaf person has no words for you to hear.”But she said, “Nevermind this hearing man, for he, himself, has no words for this Deaf person to see.”“What, what? I have no words for him to see? I spoke, and he misunderstood.”“And he signed, but you misunderstood.”“Well,” saidContinue reading “Our People”