Thy Love Like A Foundation

Thou pour out thy love like a foundationIt waters that keep running out of itLike a flower that blossoms out their pollinationLove, love, and love, yeah, love is not stoppingThe world knows that Love is an ancient oneThat has always been with the Earth and awaitsFor those who touch it within their bodyOh, I tellContinue reading “Thy Love Like A Foundation”

Repost: The Explosive Words

I am deaf, The world I am in, What the world, The hearing world. If you don’t understand what deafness is, Then why am I only the one who must know What the hearing is, the world belongs You know what? It belongs to the hearing world, Why? Everything is heard and still heard. MyContinue reading “Repost: The Explosive Words”

I daydream

In my world, I daydream about the MiracleOh, when I say “in my world.”I meant my inner world.Oh, when thou come to my worldThou shall find both sidesThe light and the darknessAye, ye shall say, why would thouAnd I shall reply, why would thouIgnore thy world that has both sides?Look at the Universe, look atContinue reading “I daydream”

Something Different To Buy For E-Reading?

Hi all. It is for e-readers who love reading on a phone, laptop, pc, or electronic reading device. If you feel like something different to buy and read another book, come and purchase my book called “Words of Love’s Imagination.” It’s for you to explore a person’s different mind. The title used to be aboutContinue reading “Something Different To Buy For E-Reading?”

Repost: Is it magical, is it not?

Magic, flow, wonder,Why?I think it is magical that we are breathing,And it is magic that we are healing our cuts,And it is magical that we can have our leaps of faith,All thanks to our bodies, that belief can serve us. © Ismael Mansoor


I saw him saying to them in the way of poetry. Make known to thyself.For being oneself, make available to every one of the inner worldThe body knows thee very much, but thou don’t know thy own bodyBecause if ye do, you will open your eyes and your dismissing ofBeing ignorant, they know what theContinue reading “Enlightenment”

The Strength In Me

If I fall and join a low level of feelings,I would shut my words and rest in the peace of tranquillity,Then I would rise and hit a high level of feelings,I would not close my comments and would not stop it in unlimited,I would tell you like a preacher, and then I would say likeContinue reading “The Strength In Me”

I Follow The Instrument

Straight to the point The Sea said to the Land, “My oceans, leave your continents alone.” But the Land preserved, “But your oceans wash all my shores, then how can I leave my continents alone?” And the Sea said, “It is because I follow the instrument from the Moon, yet I follow still today.” ButContinue reading “I Follow The Instrument”