Desire Love

They desire to love, said him to herTheir beauty of love is sleeping insideBut they tend to love, always, foreverSo, do they know that their beauty of loveIs sleeping inside, waiting for it to wake up?He said to her, but my love for thou,Increasing every day, yes, every night! ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Thyself must know

ThyselfMust know when they don’t want to understandHenceforthHe tells thee, thou, ye, and you,How much have all loved Him?They cried, we love and loveLong it lives, and we praiseLong live Love!But she shouts, long live the Miracle,And the other one, all hail the Holy One,But they said, how should we know the riddle?Open thy mind,Continue reading “Thyself must know”

The simple wants the world…

I am Deaf who opens the words to my writing,But when thee meet me, ye see me signing,But if ye speak to me, I will do my best to read you,And I pray myself to lift my voice when I sign to thou. Let us eat whatever food can fill our stomachs,But I pray thatContinue reading “The simple wants the world…”

The two sides think differently

Dimmer tries to drain up Glower. GlowerDimmer, give up, I won’t gain anything,From you, your dimming self-fighter of soul. DimmerMe giving up? I don’t care if you don’tGain anything from me, my dimming soul,But I came here to end your life, end you!I give up? I can’t say I can give up now. Dimmer triesContinue reading “The two sides think differently”

Resolve? Or strengthen one to control oneself?

Do you think when you are angry, you can run away from it?The anger cannot be escaped by itself, nor it can be left behind,It must solve, resolve, and must be placed in the solution,Because when the anger is leashed, it shows the displeasure face,And we don’t want that to install within our emotions,But hence,Continue reading “Resolve? Or strengthen one to control oneself?”

ONe can if believe

Anything one can have if one earns oneself’s belief;Believe in one’s path, to the strength of earns,And the strength in oneself leads the earns-Anything one can have if one will to work,Will to believe, will to commit and will to be ableConnecting oneself the strength of faith;The faith must connect to the truth,Not a faithContinue reading “ONe can if believe”

[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]

Much at all, yeah much at allOne shall know what I expect so muchI don’t expect from you, or anyoneI expect from the Miracle, yeah I expect from Him Look at the sky, when it rains, when it suns when it grays,When the world moves as itself to carry on the lifeOne has warmth, andContinue reading “[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]”

My Deaf Mind

Beneath, beneath, goodwill, well, riddle,How doth thou like if I sign a paradox,About how a sheep defeat all the predators?Neath, neath, look up to the goodwill of our Lord,The Miracle Creator, how you and I know not muchOf our Lord, the One who the world fights for His NameBut if ye ‘ve got the secretContinue reading “My Deaf Mind”

Yes, I don’t mind…

Yes, I don’t mind to tell you,I am Deaf,But if you freeze like a stone,I will pronounce some words,I can only speak;I am not qualified to speak,Like you are not qualified to sign.When I speak some words,You drop your stone,Why?I was able to try to speak,Your language. ©️ Ismael Mansoor