Think, Think, and Think

Think, think, and think Do you think you can make the world be your thinking way? Deaf can change Deaf, as Hearing can change Hearing Do you think the Deaf can change Hearing? Yes, why not? For the history taught us That Hearing can change Deaf Proven by the world, oh yeah Deaf wears HearingContinue reading “Think, Think, and Think”

Sign Language

A baby is bornHeld lovingly by his motherHis parents share the joy,Of their precious arrival The little boy grows,And plays boyish games,While his mom cooksShe smiles sweetly at him,She calls himBut the playing continues.His dad comes homeAnd he calls, calls, calls…The realisationSomething is not right,Means a trip to the audiologist The test begins with earphones,AndContinue reading “Sign Language”

Dream, Faith and Hope

How well art thee to thine life that has been taught ye of thine memory?Ye carry on with thine dream, thy faith, and your hope,For they any part of thou, will always be parts of thee, forever part in ye,So now come out of the star, out of the light, and lo,Everything else will alwaysContinue reading “Dream, Faith and Hope”

What thee see is for ye

What thee see is for ye,But a reaction from thine worldYe speak from your thoughts,And thy body listens to what ye say,Even like me as a Deaf man,My body listens to what I signFrom my thoughts. Well, man, woman, child, boy, girl, shout the mind,I will not leave every word, so they must show,What wereContinue reading “What thee see is for ye”

Magical Deaf World

I look at my horizon,My Deaf Mind is on the amazon,Of a magical river- I see the Fantasy,Is singing to me as the wind;I don’t hear the wind by the sounds of my mind,But by the imagination of my tasty-I will hold a magical staff, embrace it from my magic,A magic of mine, is aContinue reading “Magical Deaf World”

I may not be perfect but

You want to know how to improve your life? I may not be perfect, but the Lord, no, our Holy Creator is anything possible. So, stop and change the way you used to think. You shall see your result if your thoughts glue upon the Grace of our Holy Creator. Give up your negative thoughtsContinue reading “I may not be perfect but”