What is going on with TV? Why is it blunts and then switch off and on? Who someone would have done it to toy with me? Well, thanks to a miracle that the TV comes back on, no more blunts and switch off. Hmm, I would like to have some biscuits, thought my head. Yummy,Continue reading “THE CIRCLE OF INVENTIVENESS – PART 5”

Sign Language or Signed English?

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay Number one sign EnglishI SEE YOUR ENGLISH IS NOT VERY GOOD. Number two sign not EnglishENGLISH SIGN YOUR ME DROWSY, WHY? BORED. Number one sign EnglishIT’S IMPORTANT FOR ME TO SIGN ENGLISH,BECAUSE I WANT MY ENGLISH TO BE GOOD. Number one sign not EnglishTHINK YOU ENGLISH DEAF?Continue reading “Sign Language or Signed English?”

Where is the angel?

Bravo, the Angel, the ancient oneBefore they flew to the EarthHeaven, there they were, in the heart of the EarthBut they left this planet, brought themself away But where is the Angel?They left the Earth, brought themself to the HeavenLook at us, where is the Angel?I want to know where they are if they areContinue reading “Where is the angel?”

Who said that you can decide, what is poetry?

Who said that you can decide, what is poetry? If you think my words are weak because they areNot poems, as thou think so but I shall remind theeThat ye have no respect, for those who tell their love onesThat their poems art what they saidAccept if one’s poetry is different from you, alas, thou cannotSayContinue reading “Who said that you can decide, what is poetry?”

Mother’s day 2020

Your majestic, the whole world is right here in front of your eyes.I told you to not be formalYet the whole world is right here in front of your body.And I also told you to not be a riddleMy mind used to tell me that I should not always obey you.How dare you disobey yourContinue reading “Mother’s day 2020”