Random a lyric in my thoughts

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love The Earth loves us so so so much I tell you that Earth loves us so so much Yes, I tell you that Earth loves us so much Love, love, love, love, love, love, When I thought of Earth, I just can’t choose one Now they areContinue reading “Random a lyric in my thoughts”

ONe within

The Earth is like one body, and we are inside it. Ye have one body, and many organs are inside thou. So most we have heard that in the ancient time we used to live up to 1000, but today it is mostly less than 100. It is like anciently time. That we used toContinue reading “ONe within”

Random thoughts

Once Sin is defeated, the cursed thingrises into the air, surrounded bydiamonds of energy, and dies in dramaticfinal old fashion. All the paradoxesof curses get destroyed too.The Earth goes green, blue and brown,and fades back in on the heaven;it’s heavenly time there, and natureon the Earth and inside the Earthare shinning beautiful and brightly.Many livingContinue reading “Random thoughts”

The fantasy paints the novel

You give me money, and I invest it.I will give you money, what are you doing with it?You donate me, and I give some of it back to the world.And I will donate you, will you give some of it back to the world?You ask me what I am going to do with your donation,AndContinue reading “The fantasy paints the novel”

Life or death

Life goes, and he does his things, is what Lifelike,But Death records all Life’s accords.Oh, how could ye live forever?If He, our Holy Creator let ye live forever,Here I will come to thou and sayth,Teach it to me so that I may learn, good luck,The world has all the records inside their soils.So, how couldContinue reading “Life or death”

Every Star is Different

Every star is different, or I thought soYe save thyself for thy bodyThou want milk, but I want waterThee want the blood to eat to fill thy stomachBut one day shall I eat only fruits and vegetablesFor He who created Life and Death with their dutiesLife is to give life, and Death awaits for thoseContinue reading “Every Star is Different”