The Path To Happiness

The Sadness is a friend to the emotion, and the Sadness said, “I had the whole depression within myself, and I let it not slip away. Well, the world allows me to miseries all that dwells inside me that eats it up all in the universe.” The Happiness is a rival to the Sadness, saidContinue reading “The Path To Happiness”

Transforming from stress to smile

The stress said, “Ye came to me as thine will, and it thanks to ye that I can survive until I die the day ye completely forsake me.” The anxiety said, “Ye went thine way to me as if ye rush to carry all thine blood to the heart, and say, “I don’t know whatContinue reading “Transforming from stress to smile”

Resolve? Or strengthen one to control oneself?

Do you think when you are angry, you can run away from it?The anger cannot be escaped by itself, nor it can be left behind,It must solve, resolve, and must be placed in the solution,Because when the anger is leashed, it shows the displeasure face,And we don’t want that to install within our emotions,But hence,Continue reading “Resolve? Or strengthen one to control oneself?”