Never forget the other things other than the land itself!?

Deliverance, the promised lands,And all therein the ground with goldAnd hitherto that which cover allHas come to reveal why they digAnd all the fishermen will be an end of an era,Such is a time to cleanseAnd a time to rejoiceWhere no more fear © Ismael Mansoor

Bright to Light

Light it sure will be glowing in appearance and vivid in colourGetting brighterNothing mattersBecause it will liveSimply more light to giveLight gets to set day freeThe day is what it used to beOne side of light for a dayAnd another side of light for nightPurely sun is realIt feels so warm but also so brightWarmContinue reading “Bright to Light”

The Reflecting Self Of Thine Presence

The present waits before us,Like it sets us free of our choice,But it looks at us I am present,Yet why ye lo far back in the past or the future?It is okay to lo at them for thine memory and passion,But lo at me, I am what that presents meBut Hope looks at me IContinue reading “The Reflecting Self Of Thine Presence”

Internally Dying

Choking sensationLungs suffocationSpirit decomposeKnife interposeStabbing the enthusiasmPause…When talking doesn’t helpLet’s pour the emotions into a work of artExposing the fixed mental ‘There-is-no-cure-for-indestructible-anxiety-virus’ attitude © Megan Holmes Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay

Hear all the prayers…

The Lord of the Worlds, our Holy Creator,Hear all the prayers from the Earth,We have kept waiting for Thee.Thy animals, Thy life-creation,They also wait for the Promised Land,But I assume, so Thee must return,Said a living being of the Earth. © Ismael Mansoor

We are not alone…

He says, fights for the Earth,Every living being trying to dominate,Even outside the sky, they are thereFor we are not aloneBut thee, well, stop looking downOn the ground, too muchThey were there for a secondAnd gone like phenomenalWell, our eyes can’t see beyond the sky © Ismael Mansoor

Too many to describe…

I have so many personificationsTo tell thee of DefinitionBut bear me of my own understandingSaid Explanation to me,But thee walketh towards me,Sayest like, offer it to meSo that the whole world may be,Well, a host of hope, such wellThe pause comes to mind, pause © Ismael Mansoor

The Day Of The Miracle

The day comes to a day of Repentance,Saying like, we have forsaken Nature,But hence, let us return to Nurture,That every human shall visit Remembrance. Oh dear, the Miracle Creator, the Lord of Ours,Aye, the Lord of the Worlds, yet the King of all the Kings,And also, the Queen of all the Queens,Such rule both MasculinityContinue reading “The Day Of The Miracle”