The Ivy of Amber’s Mind

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay AMBER. You say you’re sweet: how should I know? ARCTURUS. Then you shall find out how sweet I am! AMBER. From what – how so? I keep myself free! ARCTURUS. Whether that you believe me or not AMBER. Whether that you be sweet or no? ARCTURUS. Long I have sweetened in this now AMBER. A sweet headContinue reading “The Ivy of Amber’s Mind”

Open thine self

Image by dougandpetegardening from Pixabay Open thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyselfWho open for thee, oh, ask thyself who open for thouOpen thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyselfWhat makes ye live, oh, ask thine mind what makes you Open, open, oh, how many times, have ye being asked bySomeone thee acknowledged, that theyContinue reading “Open thine self”

FEeling lots of love

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay Lily calls Dove, Dove, Dove, and DoveOh such beautiful, Dove flies down to LilyYes, Lily is magic, the magic of kindnessDove chants, the song of bird’s love, bird’s love! Miracle heard, Dove, Dove, Dove, and DoveMiracle heard Lily’s, Dove, Dove, and DoveMiracle, magic, draws, Lily to MiracleOh dear, Lily,Continue reading “FEeling lots of love”

[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]

Image by Andrea Stöckel-Kowall from Pixabay Much at all, and yeah, much at allOne shall know what I expect so muchI don’t expect from you, or anyoneI expect from the Miracle, yeah I expect from Him Look at the sky when it rains when it suns and when it graysWhen the world moves as itselfContinue reading “[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]”

In the Understanding of Living Beings

Image by Reinhardi from Pixabay The Miracle Creator is my metaphor I believe in Miracle I believe in Light I believe in Magic I believe in Faith I believe in Good I believe in Truth I believe in Soul I believe in me and Him – that’s my metaphor Life is Non-Stoppable The Light isContinue reading “In the Understanding of Living Beings”

Pride is not for me

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay Proud said they but not me that love saying proudlyOh, thee want to distinguish my hood if I did proudlyOh ya, how could I not be imperfect, oh, look at my earsThey are not as well-hearing, but they dim any soundOnce Dumb and Mute had given to me but IContinue reading “Pride is not for me”

In the Eminence of Her

Because of you that I love –It is too sweet sound a faith! The sweet lily knows the bestOf what I will the Light –My past life was not easy,Because of my Deafness.But you inspired me greatly –You are also Deaf like me,Yet you win your strong will –That makes me love you more sweet!Continue reading “In the Eminence of Her”

Ropes In The Sight

Image by DWilliams from Pixabay Peace. Here I am, my dear five fondly soulsEternal. Dear Peace, thank you for comingTruth. The Great Peace knew truth himself his lifeWrath. Yet I come and show you the truth of Salvation. Dear Wrath, I will save for all Sin. I cause sin-curse because of mine-ownWill that I tempt meContinue reading “Ropes In The Sight”

How Do I Keep the Music Playing?

Image by Maret Hosemann from Pixabay I know I am deafYes I know my voice is not very good vocableWell I know that I’mBut I do read how they write the music playing I know what my headIs telling me how to keep the music playingWell now I tell youWhat my heart’s feeling how toContinue reading “How Do I Keep the Music Playing?”

Vividly Alive

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay The fierce fire threads the lightning linesIt electrics toward the airSomebody shout, when will thee get peacePeace or else she switches off thy electricity Peace, peace have some water for the fierce fireCalm him down for her please, hey, don’t utterNever utter ever, even never mutter everThee heard me aContinue reading “Vividly Alive”