The faith is true to oneself

Follow me, said Faith, know my path, it is better to get ready for your sheer will. Aye, you may exaggerate it up or wear a sly face, you will not follow me, and know my path, because you are following your unsheer will. Aye, know my path, it is a star that never stopsContinue reading “The faith is true to oneself”

Listen, all is repeated

To this day, hurry, to this dayWhy art thou not focused on thyselfTo this day, hurry, to this dayHave ye heard that I said many times“Have ye?”Now, listen, to this day, oh, hurry, to this dayThat you all shall have mercies, to this dayThou all shall have freedom, not many onesOne freedom for the Earth,Continue reading “Listen, all is repeated”

The definition of enough

Define, he spoke of ye in his thoughtsDefine, a dragon, a mighty, and a heroDefine, they were one but split into manyDefine, ye were a great role to his words Define this, and define what you needHe said, how enough, are youThey have enough but are thouHow enough, it is to us that know theContinue reading “The definition of enough”

Their faithful hearts

THE MIRACLE CREATOR. My Angel, You must forgive the world of its beauty, And they must forgive themselves for their deeds. If they wish to enter My Holy Home, The belief must show in their faithful hearts, And they will remind you of a good man. THE ANGEL. I will go to the Earth, andContinue reading “Their faithful hearts”

stress is undefined

Howzit, slang, what’s up man, whoa calm down StressHow much do you know that you should calm downHi, I am talking to ye, hey Stress, I am talking to youWell, Stress, if you come here, I will make thouA vanishment, oh, how do you like it? I thought thou art gone Such poetry, oh, heContinue reading “stress is undefined”


Bravo, did ye hear those noiseThey are very loudBravo, a raven is singing, very awfulHow could the raven lets other ravens fight for their songsBut bravo, have ye seen how one bird sings A dove is sweet, lovely, and easy to singHow yet thou not hear them wellBravo, they are a misled, lead themBut haveContinue reading “Bravo”