A very powerful tool that enhances our creativity

The arts of the Visualiser, the son of Fantasy, the prince in Universe.The creativeness of creativenesses imaged the Visualiser; all is creativity.What art has a visualiser of all his visualisation which he sensed his imagination?One question has answered, and another answer has questioned:All questions are full of questioning: a visualiser must know an answer. InspiredContinue reading “A very powerful tool that enhances our creativity”

Come first before…

TV’s screen shows President, standing himself in front of the crowd, and he said to them, “Let me tell you the truth about our Earth.”And the crowd roars like, “Yeah, yeah.”“Our Earth isn’t satisfied with our things. Her beauty cries to the heaven for its beauty love.”Suddenly the crowd is quiet.“Orders from President! Help Earth,Continue reading “Come first before…”

Alright, I leave here in peace.

I order you to love yourself. What about you? Hey, I ordered you to love yourself! And I asked, what about you? How can you defy a king? Do I defy you? You defy the king to love yourself. And should I say, you defy your love? Guards. How can you be a king whenContinue reading “Alright, I leave here in peace.”

Imagination is his fantasy…

Imagination is his fantasyThe greatest of all the seersHe is to imagineUntil the day of the Creator’s fate He only reaches a light heart,He enters the image of a healing heavenThey feel over his creative imaginationHe is ordering them to believe again The world he finds out wondering himTo his brain, he struggles for true-peaceLifeContinue reading “Imagination is his fantasy…”

Mixture of emotions

The veil willst be thine shieldst,Then the riddle said, veil all here is,Then the-veil all there is, well, heatherHowever, all such is what, and thenVeil, veil, and the-veil, all here there. Then Verily comes to her,How tiredness art thou to the air?She thought, what fast it holds,Bestow, for the world, sighs its histories. Then sheContinue reading “Mixture of emotions”

My mind roamed

Wizard, Wizard, and Wizard, my mind roamed, Wizard!If you are a wizard, what would you or what you wouldHmm, I want to think, yeah, I want, so, if you are the wizard,What would you like to be? Oh, there are many different kinds,Of the wizards, which one you like to be, light or dark?Brown orContinue reading “My mind roamed”

A dream’s prophetic

A dream’s prophetic From the old age to the future of peaceThe old war will reduce by time to time,That at the end he will win for all peace,But to that happen he will be merciful,With the help of the Miracle MakerBecause of his kindness that cheers his heartSo the old age to the futureContinue reading “A dream’s prophetic”

In the end Lucifer is at his loss.

The great Lucifer has decided to grace us.I have nothing to hide, Judgment.Well, I wish to put you on the trial.Well, go on, Judgment – have at it.Hmm, how does it feel to be at this loss?My sins were terrible indeed.Did you preach to mankind about the lies?Yes, I did preach to them about myContinue reading “In the end Lucifer is at his loss.”

In My World

In my world, I daydream the MiracleOh, when I say “in my world,”I meant my inner worldOh, when thou come to my worldThou shall find both sidesThe light and the darknessAye, ye shall say, why would thouAnd I shall reply, why would thouIgnore thy world that has both sides?Look at the Universe, look at theContinue reading “In My World”

Unknown figure

The imagination at the moment,Hope is with my mind,But she imagines me as a hidden secret,And also imaging me as a gift one,And also as a miracle. Hope’s dream makes everything else comes to fantasy,A dream yet a strong belief that turns everything on,And the feelings, quick overflow,The everlasting, forever, and ever,Such a riddle, suchContinue reading “Unknown figure”