Peace’s reason to stop War

PeaceWhat happened to you was terrible. WarI tried your way, my former friend, my foe.I tried to be like you, my former best.Live like you, but our Lord always gaveHis Best on you more than me, my dear, foe.I ran myself away from our Lord.Now, since you are here before my presence,I will take everythingContinue reading “Peace’s reason to stop War”

The Time Turner

Do you walk to the holy place?Yes, I am.Where are your angels?Do not worry; they are going to be here.Why do you think I asked?You still doubt me.Let’s get your angels.They will be here soon.No, let’s get your angels.I said –They are here.Help them with your kindness.You are the reason every angel,Are here, I knowContinue reading “The Time Turner”

The fantasy paints the novel

You give me money, and I invest it.I will give you money, what are you doing with it?You donate me, and I give some of it back to the world.And I will donate you, will you give some of it back to the world?You ask me what I am going to do with your donation,AndContinue reading “The fantasy paints the novel”

The Fantasy whisper to him, have you come…

The right arm is holding on the right chin,He looks like he’s smiting,But the soul is good and powerfulEnough for people to feel we are safe.He lifts himself from the throne,And praise his hands to the sky,Saying, my people are sinful, but I prayPray, pray, and pray for the hope to bless us,But his eyesContinue reading “The Fantasy whisper to him, have you come…”

To that strange land…

The Journey welcome me to the strange land,Where there is full of hope, heaven thoughtful,That you find me so strange to say something,Like the eternal Light, the Miracle I find my thought how strange is that something,Such as polices, hospitals, are no more,Because of everyone, everybody,Are full of self-healing, full of self-peace,Where there is noContinue reading “To that strange land…”

So Mysterious

I thank myself for the miraculous safety,And I thank you for your peace and patience,And also, I thank the Earth for her understanding,But hence, she will do what’s right for her sphere,Like I would caress my body. Listen, man, woman, child, boy, and girl,Our bodies are like the Earth, but not exactly, of course,But weContinue reading “So Mysterious”

The imagination’s music

The imagination’s music. I can tell you how to live your life,But I can’t show you to your path,For I am not your God or your Lord,I am like you that we strive for the great,But methinks, we can live the way we want,If you and I have some strength left,So, let us eat theContinue reading “The imagination’s music”