Open thy silence

Image by Republica from Pixabay Thy silence is thine friendAye, ye art Deaf, yet Sir Silence’s with thouAlight, rejoice, thou should be a merrierFor He, yes, Him who give you the wordsFor what is yet to come, thy silence shall be noisyOh, thine love, her heart voices like a heavenBut thee must have thy honey,Continue reading “Open thy silence”

Sound a path to be fulfilled

Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay A prayer was showing him a pray’s gestureHe believed the prayer’s words, and he gesturedThank you for your words of our Holy CreatorThe prayer left him stood firmly like a wall A man ran to the prayer, and he cried your LordHe came to my dream, and HeContinue reading “Sound a path to be fulfilled”

The old saying, love themself

Image by 272447 from Pixabay They have heard the old saying, love themself What he can doWhen he tells you to love He will tell you to love yourselfOr, will the old saying repeats, love one anotherAs would thee love thyself Consider, no corrupt, and no conflictOr else suffer from that grieves youGive up thyContinue reading “The old saying, love themself”


Dark is alone in the eternal voidness and he looks at himself feeling very miserable. Dark:  I can see the stars at the edge of the space. Well, I am not allowed to go there, nor could I move there. Never will I, since it has been two thousand years! I know, I know, and IContinue reading “CHAPTER TWO: THE STARS OF DOUBT”

The Dousing Of Angst

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay Fire, burning, and annoyanceHow doth thou feel, Anger? Think thee need some waterWhoa, oh, he will find a bucket of water for yeThere it is, pour it down on you, hmm, well, you okay I can understand why you are feeling so burningIrritate, frustrate, impatient, and well, I knowThou dothContinue reading “The Dousing Of Angst”

He shall one day to the truth

Image by Dan Fador from Pixabay What is like to believe in our Holy CreatorHow amazing is it for me who believes in HimHave never meet Him, not ever once in my lifetimeBut if He does, how ignorance was I to my soul Too many people had have talked about HimBut did they meet Him,Continue reading “He shall one day to the truth”

The Power of Healing

Heal, heal, healTo sheer the healing’s powerIs to forget your sicknessThe survive to sicken is like“Thank you for keep thinking of me”The cease to survive to sickenIs to stick your glue to the mindOf the healing’s power If He is your healing’s powerIt’s natural for you to forget your sickIf you put Him on yourContinue reading “The Power of Healing”