Look inside the body

Look inside the bodyHere is the living soul withinSo, just look inside the bodyOne shall think and feelOh yes, here is the living soul withinSo, live it, like your breath,I am free to breathe, so free to breathe,I am a free soul to live, free to experience,But hence, one shall think and feel,By choosing whatContinue reading “Look inside the body”

The abstract of the paradox

My mind is Deaf, yet the fantasy insistThat I speak of hope,That cries unto my world,To message the outside of the world,That my words will sword with,The peace that begets peace of love,Because it needs to voice,For what love is, and that love is,For the Miracle and the universe,To unlock all the wonderful things,To comeContinue reading “The abstract of the paradox”


Power, power, power Come on, have more power I don’t mean for the sake of Sin, But I mean only for the sake of Pure-Soul, So let us look inside our bodies, And say, we will find you, and we will touch it So that we may understand ourselves For the sake of Pure-Soul, ButContinue reading “BELIEF IS A POWER”

Oh, could it be a paradox?

Light, light, look! Is he lost?Time is ripping, oh, he will rewriteWhat, what hope do they fear?In the game, what does one think the world is peaceful?Should his woman sing a lyricEnough to shine all over the mapWhat imagines does she has in her mind?Fairy, sunrise, rainbow, oh, such rich, and spiritBut how can duskContinue reading “Oh, could it be a paradox?”

Desire Love

They desire to love, said him to herTheir beauty of love is sleeping insideBut they tend to love, always, foreverSo, do they know that their beauty of loveIs sleeping inside, waiting for it to wake up?He said to her, but my love for thou,Increasing every day, yes, every night! ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Thyself must know

ThyselfMust know when they don’t want to understandHenceforthHe tells thee, thou, ye, and you,How much have all loved Him?They cried, we love and loveLong it lives, and we praiseLong live Love!But she shouts, long live the Miracle,And the other one, all hail the Holy One,But they said, how should we know the riddle?Open thy mind,Continue reading “Thyself must know”

The two sides think differently

Dimmer tries to drain up Glower. GlowerDimmer, give up, I won’t gain anything,From you, your dimming self-fighter of soul. DimmerMe giving up? I don’t care if you don’tGain anything from me, my dimming soul,But I came here to end your life, end you!I give up? I can’t say I can give up now. Dimmer triesContinue reading “The two sides think differently”

Resolve? Or strengthen one to control oneself?

Do you think when you are angry, you can run away from it?The anger cannot be escaped by itself, nor it can be left behind,It must solve, resolve, and must be placed in the solution,Because when the anger is leashed, it shows the displeasure face,And we don’t want that to install within our emotions,But hence,Continue reading “Resolve? Or strengthen one to control oneself?”

You know, you know…

The old-wise saying, love one another,But it is difficult for a sinner,The fact that humans are not the only onesOther living species have sinned like us. It’s a shame that some chose the hate feelings,But is it not a shame if some chose the love feelings?We are like other living species that have their sins,DifferentContinue reading “You know, you know…”