Confront the bitter to get out of the poetry

My mind swims into the pool of poetry,But the rippling prose thanks to every drop from the above.I thank You, said I to Him, in the pool of poetry,I honour You with my thoughts, even if I disappoint myself,Like I was depressed, low feelings, and probably a hypocrite.Why do I think I was hypocritical? IContinue reading “Confront the bitter to get out of the poetry”

Am I talking to myself?

The imagination’s words flow,What does your heart say? Searcher:  What did my heart say to me? Searcher is digging inside him, and his soul whispers to him,“Searcher, the Miracle Creator is with you.“ Searcher:  Did I imagine? Or was it real? Searcher is digging inside him, he looks everywhere, and he finds nothing is suspicious. Searcher:  Surely, IContinue reading “Am I talking to myself?”

A stream of too much words

My mind was like a stream of distortion,Distraction, too many words, traffic.He knows, but methinks, He knew.It is Him that He is our Holy Creator,But I don’t mean Him as a male, He is not a man nor a woman,But a word He who needs no one but Himself.They said a mother gives life toContinue reading “A stream of too much words”

Like words paint the scripture

Power, strength, hopeLike the brain is power,Like muscle strength,And like the heart is hope,Oh yeah, my thoughts. Power, the brain is tooling,Strength, the muscle is moving,And hope, the heart is pumping,They are power, strength, and hope,Oh yeah, my thoughts. My thoughts, power, strength, hopeLike other thoughts, empower, sharing, and loveEven other thoughts, light, warm, andContinue reading “Like words paint the scripture”

I need more affirmations

Hi the books, you look at me, speechless,Waiting for me to open you, and read each page,But academic language? How could you do that?How could you let others difficult to understand you,The doctoral written, the highest words, like level 100 Well, man, woman, oh, I should also say, boy and girl,How do you like beingContinue reading “I need more affirmations”

I know our mind is different but

You want everything to satisfy,But for who?If it were up to me,I will look up to the sky,And you might think, why lookup.I don’t know why but I feel so,Anyway, back to the point,I will look up to the air,The Miracle Creator who made us,It is us that we should satisfy our Holy One.But myContinue reading “I know our mind is different but”

The imagination’s music

The imagination’s music. I can tell you how to live your life,But I can’t show you to your path,For I am not your God or your Lord,I am like you that we strive for the great,But methinks, we can live the way we want,If you and I have some strength left,So, let us eat theContinue reading “The imagination’s music”

The breath shall remind me

My soul stays with my body,But I ask, which one is me?Am I my consciousness,Or is subconsciousness controlling me? I am a man who likes questioning,What shall I be? And who am I really?Why can’t I master my body one hundred percent?Too many thoughts through my head If I master my body one hundred percent,IContinue reading “The breath shall remind me”