The Power of Healing

Heal, heal, healTo sheer the healing’s powerIs to forget your sicknessThe survive to sicken is like“Thank you for keep thinking of me”The cease to survive to sickenIs to stick your glue to the mindOf the healing’s power If He is your healing’s powerIt’s natural for you to forget your sickIf you put Him on yourContinue reading “The Power of Healing”

Our Light Is Blossoming

I am sitting on a chair by a deskMy thoughts our Holy Creator is everywhereI tell myself, do I know foreverThey want to see, and they want to witnessIf He is real or if He does not existUp to the world if they believe or notBut my thoughts, our Holy Creator is everywhereBelieve, choose, ifContinue reading “Our Light Is Blossoming”


The light is shining throughout the space. And at the edge of it, Light appears before the darkness, and he can see Dark is in it. Light: Hi my brother. Dark, can we talk? They are like Dark is in the sea and Light is on the shore.  Dark:  How long Light? Dark swims around beforeContinue reading “CHAPTER ONE: LIGHTING UP HIS REALM”

Is Temptation Misleading?

Temptation, I call you with brave wordsWhy have ye weakened us? Ye know Hey Temptation, how do you like being like thatI wonder like, how do you like, think thou enjoyWhy have you weakened us? Ye knowWell, through the faith can we stop you, an old spirit Temptation, I call you with brave wordsWhat areContinue reading “Is Temptation Misleading?”

The circle of inventiveness – part 2

Good day to you, Wisdom. Good day to you too. I heard you bought a house for Provoke. Yes, I did. Why Provoke, why out of the sudden it’s him? Just in case, it is a long story, and I do not want to talk about it. Oh. Can you respect me? Of course, Wisdom.Continue reading “The circle of inventiveness – part 2”

Such a speech of figure

I write, write, and writeMy mind said, please don’t stopWrite, write, and writeDon’t waste your words, just write themOh, it’s utter interestingA thousand thoughts that swim other thousand thoughtsI am minding that you are not out of the wordsHow I like you to try to the perfect EnglishBut you are DeafYour English is not yourContinue reading “Such a speech of figure”

The protective bubble

The bubble says, do you know where I went when I was popping off? But the invisible says, I know where you went. Oh, well, thought the showing off, ye would not have, well, ye would not know why the bubble pops off and come back like a reborn. Oh, oh, oh, chants the merrier,Continue reading “The protective bubble”