Your support will be greatly appreciated

Gratitude comes to you, saying, thank thou for feeling me. And Grace also blossom such a blessing upon ye, Saying, charity is thine kindness that feeds thy gracious heart. And one more saying from Thankful’s side, Such is a blessing from thine side that helps Treasure. Now, my journey of This Engrained Heart, It hasContinue reading “Your support will be greatly appreciated”

A Blog with a Little Bit of Everything Award

Dear everyone Joy surprised me with heartfelt, oh such a warm feeling because she nominated me for this award “A blog with a little bit of everything.” The Yellow Brick Ave Speaks lots of passion in her heart I can say or guess when I read her words Oh, if you want to know moreContinue reading “A Blog with a Little Bit of Everything Award”


The first thing I would like to say thank you to those people that follow my blog called My Deaf Mind. Because of you people that give me the courage and self-will to continue writing. The remembrance said to me, “People who follow your writing even if your family and friends who some hide inContinue reading “WELCOME TO THIS ENGRAINED HEART!”