Break Our Limit

My deaf mind: We told us if we surpassed our limits, it would have unlocked our hidden potential. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Time is due to all

The stream floats around,It reaches a sinful man,Saying like, I shall smash down the lords of Mislead,Whereas there shall be no more the lords of Hypocrite. Hey, hey, and hey! Shouted the sinful man,Time is due to all that which is here to come,Passing, overcoming, whatever there is in me,Out of the book, passing toContinue reading “Time is due to all”

Freewill Expression Of My Love

She said he is sad,But she loves him, yet also love him when he is happy.Well, she said he is happy,But she loves him more, yet also far more loving him,Like I am a Jupiter in her universe, wait, no,I am the only one who is so large than everything elseBut forgive me if yeContinue reading “Freewill Expression Of My Love”

The Mystical of our Theory

Alight, my friend!Good to see you.Yes, me too.So, where is my love?She is flying in the cloud.Pardon?You’re a poet, my friend.My love is flying in the –Cloud.Which is the cloud?I cannot tell.There’re so many cloudsYes, my friend.Where might my love be?I say again, flying in the –Which one of the clouds?Ask the sky he’s all-knowing.All-knowing?Continue reading “The Mystical of our Theory”

Go to whatever I have in mind…

Go to whatever Saying like, Bestow! I will go up to a mountain of fantasy, And that mountain is a symbol of all, But ye dash to Uncertainty, what is it? She would characterise, and she would formulate Go to whatever Saying like, Bestow! © Ismael Mansoor

Have you?

He said, how do you love yourself? He was sorry to keep saying, youBut he wanted to know if you do love yourself,Because if he knew that you are,He would tell you of life in the love of his opinion,Like how you opinion when you eat, sleep, and wake up,Such is Circle who looks at the world,Continue reading “Have you?”

Long Live Breath!

Thou hath so much in thee,Faith, breath strives ye of thine life,While Truth watches ye for thy actions,And all in that which define of riddles,Saying like, Prose sees Poetry for their words,Yet lines describe by Paragraph and Stanza,But thee got what in you heather ye lo,Well, hitherto that high of heavenHence, farewell not, for BreathContinue reading “Long Live Breath!”

Too Many Things On My Mind

I don’t know what you want, But at least I know what the world needs, Thee need food and drink, Well, Hunger explains, No food, nor drink, ye starve, But if thee, a miraculous being, Let me learn to do it, So that I may rest dead meats, Excuse me, I mean, meats Well, tooContinue reading “Too Many Things On My Mind”

I wish everything is easy…

I wish everything is easy,Oh yeah,I wish the Miracle is here realistically,Well, how much more can I thinkOut of the wishing… People wish, I bet, animals also,Fish, birds, and well, some people,They think they have no soul,But just animals, just fish, and just birds,Eish is that they think they know everything,But they are not goodContinue reading “I wish everything is easy…”

One Day Then May It Is So

Daydream,Abundant is with me,And Wealth sends all money,And ensure they work for me,Then I summon Amen,And the forever days smile,Abundance, overflowing,Like the eternal river,And eternal self-atm,Oh, the Miracle! © Ismael Mansoor