Point of my view

When we change, we know why our heart change us, Place love, make grace, less than sin It takes to the special place in thee, Saying like, when can we love for no reason? Wait, wait, no sex nor kiss nor tempt, Just love, love in feel as I love my pets, Then how couldContinue reading “Point of my view”

We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us

Fantasy Shepherd truly understands the guiding role of its responsibility,But I seem to be in a state of the question.Why did you slaughter sheep to say hello to my stomach?Did you join the force with Brainwash?And how did you cloud my judgment with Brainwash?He let me be in a state of confusion,So here I seemContinue reading “We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us”


Fantasy A scene is seeing me walking out of a door,I am wearing like a surfer, but no skin shows,People bow down to Prayer, and they turn to me,All is silent for a long time,Prayer then walks toward me,I see Prayer has a hopeful look on his face,And I turn to Prayer, walk along withContinue reading “EFFECTS OF A MAN”

Should smile more often…

You can do those things that make ye smile,And the smiling inside thou will-alight the world,Saying like, I smile wherever I go, and I smile for no reason,But if ye want to smile for thine sake, smile with thine heart,Look inside many beatings are like a drum that cheers the rhythm,But thee, I offer myContinue reading “Should smile more often…”

Understand this…

Positive, what I say?Who am I calling to the Creator?Are not that somethingWant to see the Creator in realityAnd getting to know our Miracle CreatorFreedom with the words, free to speakAnd stay with the Creator?I’d told our Holy One, ask somethingAnd that’s why I had that feelUnderstand this I thought, “Understand this,”They are trying toContinue reading “Understand this…”


Something specialSomething originalSomething awesomeSomething amazingSomething magicSomething magnificent More than somethingI’m ready to sense them with this giftI’m equipping to senseFeel them and focus on themBecause I’m prepared to knowSense them, feeling themThe facts for them to focus And those that max, relax and let them get the flowMy sense is a gift I’m ready to knowI’m readyToContinue reading ““Something””

So much expression

Smile, smile, smileI love to see people smileMake me smileI don’t know why I love itBut I know, a reason why I love itBecause it makes me happinessThat is amazing when a stranger show smile can save my LifeThat is miracleThat could change everything when come, to smileI believe a smile can save my LifeBecauseContinue reading “So much expression”

Random a lyric in my thoughts

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love The Earth loves us so so so much I tell you that Earth loves us so so much Yes, I tell you that Earth loves us so much Love, love, love, love, love, love, When I thought of Earth, I just can’t choose one Now they areContinue reading “Random a lyric in my thoughts”

Hope sounds comfortable

The Great Spirit whispered to the Hope“You are the Hope of the Universe,”“An unbroken line of the Great Light.”So the Hope stood in front of the FearWhile millions of spirits watched them HopeI am the Hope,The spirit ofThe Universe.And I am hereTo stop Fear. FearYou are the HopeOf no universe.You are for despairSome spirits followMeContinue reading “Hope sounds comfortable”

The endless truth within one’s soul

Her words welcome the light; She sticks to the non-sick of right. She is a woman who studies life, Of the truth that only comforts, She so clear, like the pure water, Due to her figure of heaven – Her words welcome the light; She sticks to the non-sick of right. Describable and explanation, LaysContinue reading “The endless truth within one’s soul”