What art thou looking for?

Earth uses the light,The sun summonsThe Warmth.The atmosphere hasProtected the sky –The sky felt the heat.Earth is consuming,By the Warmth.If she is not stopping,The atmosphere willProtect the sky.The Sun has the power,To warm this Earth.Sun is but a name.The True-Sun of the fireIs the light himselfSun knows he gives whatThe living flesh can not.No oneContinue reading “What art thou looking for?”

Fear would not be with love…

It is wonderful to lead your people,Out of fear, out of sadness, out of rage,But I don’t think you will get a reward if,You feed your people with your fire-anger,Because at the end you will lose your love,That you would bring a meaningless to them,History has shown us if weFeed fear would not be ableContinue reading “Fear would not be with love…”

Love is one of the most powerful tools

O, Love will live in this life forever,O, no matter what thou willeth sayeth of Love,Here I saith to thee, Love is mysterious.And I do think that Love is victory,Because Love live in this life forever,Felt my heart, if you are forever inLove can makest ye an immortal person. ©Ismael Mansoor

My thoughts of digging deep

The Miracle One is with my soul,As my soul with my body-A vehicle needs a driver to embody,To be as non-foul. I swim in the pool of Miracle,Imaging what is sense to beAn oracle.To be as oracle is to be-An oracle seems as saneOh, it is just meImaging what is sense to beThe oracle. TheContinue reading “My thoughts of digging deep”

Such life may repeat

Life hood memories may surpriseThe deep side of the hiddenWill show the truth Looking at history’s storyWondered over ever-strangeFate it will always be so And when find who is believing a lotFeelings come strongerThinking of felt, inspiring A felt that again repeats,What was in the history that storiesAnd now stores in the scrambled book ButContinue reading “Such life may repeat”

Words of Love’s Imagination

Once a time when I wrote this book,I was desperate to love a woman,Or I was longing for her to love me,So I went out too far to imagine,And then words expressed out of me,But this book I wrote was second-language,Yes, second English language. Perhaps you would find those words in this book,Too much loveContinue reading “Words of Love’s Imagination”

Fulfilling hunger through the spirit

I will feed thee, said Holy,But hence, be clean to thy mind,Then it will lead you to a cleansing world,From there they teach thou of thy hygiene,Then all those who clean will come,And say like, finally, we can merge,Because they are now cleansing. What’s happening to me?To me shall I pour out my spirit,To wordContinue reading “Fulfilling hunger through the spirit”

Very vibey!

O, my love!Did you touch my heart?Did you inject love into my dove?Not that I know about your art,But my dove is not afraid of you.My dove is dear to me.But what you will say of me –Of that, I am in so love with you. O, my love!Did you touch my soul?Did you injectContinue reading “Very vibey!”

God is…

God is with the Light;God is with the Brightness;God is with the Glow;God is the Real. God is with the Lover;God is with the Cherisher;God is with the Kinder;God is the Mercy. God is with the Wealthier.God is with the Richer.God is with the Heart.God is the Abundance. God is with the Wiser;God is withContinue reading “God is…”

Surreal sonnet

To subjects, love has given a self-loving feel.O, sure love is, the lovers of self-lovingTo the shown where love is hiddenOr to be shown where love is invisible.To this loving wonder of self-wondering;That might love what self-loving could feel.At first in character of lover is doing love,Show self-wondering love in some impossibility,Even love burning beyondContinue reading “Surreal sonnet”