Notorious Motion

Hmm, mm, motion is a thing that I can wait,But thee tell the seller to just making money.How could thou sell a thing that is not for the Earth?Ye think that ye ‘ve the power over her.Such a fool to think that ye can ‘ve thy power to rule. Hmm, mm, motion is a statementContinue reading “Notorious Motion”

What belongs, belongs there forever!

Oh, oh, oh, ye made those things by thine hands,But did thee ask thyself if they are for the Earth’s benefit?Or for thy money’s sake? Thee must think when to takeSomething that belongs to the Earth and alone her. Oh, oh, oh, thee cannot tell me that the trees belong to Humankind,Nor ye can sayContinue reading “What belongs, belongs there forever!”

It is matters of time

The power is safe.But He is coming.Yes, they made contact.Others are coming with Him.The truth has to get PeaceOh, if you don’t find him, everything,Everything and everything will be lost.Your majestic, have you heard anything from him?We need to make decisions,Because He is comingIt will be all out to the hope of one man.Where isContinue reading “It is matters of time”

Outer vs inner

Ye fight me ‘cause my words seems to fightIt is not words that seems fightingIt is an attitude that a face behaves towardYe fight me ‘cause of my face my attitudeIt is an instinct that gut from soulIt is not about my face but ye look at meYe follow the law of movement upon myContinue reading “Outer vs inner”

King Arthur III

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay King ArthurHe kneels on the groundBut his head looks up to the airThe whooping air is whirlingIt treads to mead on the showKing Arthur stands up and gets awayBut a soul jumps out of the showKing Arthur shocks, and he falls downThe soul walks toward himEverything goes white then blackAll the sudden, MerlinContinue reading “King Arthur III”


What is going on with TV? Why is it blunts and then switch off and on? Who someone would have done it to toy with me? Well, thanks to a miracle that the TV comes back on, no more blunts and switch off. Hmm, I would like to have some biscuits, thought my head. Yummy,Continue reading “THE CIRCLE OF INVENTIVENESS – PART 5”

Cupid’s Arrows

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay Oh Cupid, did he arrows her heart?What was Cupid thinking? Oh, oh Cupid, I am in love with theeNot that I know of love but your bowArrow to a destination that targets Oh, oh, oh Cupid, I cannot leave theeNot that I know of love but my obsessionLet usContinue reading “Cupid’s Arrows”


Showtime, the strength of a manSomebody saw him talking to a treeAnd they heard the whisper of a soundAs the man who had the strengthSpoke one word HeThe tree that was with his sound, one word HeIt became a hope of a flowerAnd they said to themselves, how could this treeBecome a huge flower? Such a strange figureContinue reading “STRANGE FIGURE”