She told him, “Please, you come around here,”She wants to see his face, his handsome faceThe fire’s in her eyes, and her eyes crySo she loves him, she loves him She better sees him, she better do,What she can doShe wants to see him, so many tearsShe tried to be tough, better do what sheContinue reading “SHE LOVES HIM”

Riddle says hello Fantasy

Fantasy Well then, alright. Now, Animal will go to the temple of the Earth, While Fish swims up the temple’s shore of the Earth, They look ahead, in front of a man with his woman, The path which leads to the temple of the Earth; Highlight Repetition The path which leads to the temple ofContinue reading “Riddle says hello Fantasy”

the atmosphere of characters

Riddle I said to you, every season always start, Then you are great, alight? Let those made be fates, ya? Well, see ye. Fantasy Peace goes to see me, And he acts like a captain, He says to the air I will make him, And he turns to me, comes with me. Fantasy Art thouContinue reading “the atmosphere of characters”

A Woman’s DEsire To Heal

She could tell herself why she felt that way,She felt it every dayAnd kept praying for herselfShe was prayingTo make her dream come true What was good, what was good now?Too many, too many blessingsShe knew where the blessings come fromShe wanted to be better, but a miracleIt was where she starts, heal insideWith aContinue reading “A Woman’s DEsire To Heal”

The Day Earth Breathe Life

Fantasy At the wow in Earth Square, where men and women were standing “Peace is but a hope of calm. Remember to live its peaceā€¦”“Though we live for breathing years, after thousands of years of hope.”“And while the Earth still sustain, by Life, she’s long-bearable.” Earthman steps out behind the wow, EarthmanWhat a blessing dayContinue reading “The Day Earth Breathe Life”

Point of my view

When we change, we know why our heart change us, Place love, make grace, less than sin It takes to the special place in thee, Saying like, when can we love for no reason? Wait, wait, no sex nor kiss nor tempt, Just love, love in feel as I love my pets, Then how couldContinue reading “Point of my view”

We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us

Fantasy Shepherd truly understands the guiding role of its responsibility,But I seem to be in a state of the question.Why did you slaughter sheep to say hello to my stomach?Did you join the force with Brainwash?And how did you cloud my judgment with Brainwash?He let me be in a state of confusion,So here I seemContinue reading “We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us”


Fantasy A scene is seeing me walking out of a door,I am wearing like a surfer, but no skin shows,People bow down to Prayer, and they turn to me,All is silent for a long time,Prayer then walks toward me,I see Prayer has a hopeful look on his face,And I turn to Prayer, walk along withContinue reading “EFFECTS OF A MAN”

Random let me wander into his world

Fantasy Plight thine heart, the pilgrimage!Our Holy Creator told me, well, when my soul,Aw, eish, well, in the background, Encourage,How do I put words into an easy understanding?Pause told me that I don’t understand why,But it was Silence who told Pause, right?Well, I had always wanted to meet our Holy Creator,Because I am just tiredContinue reading “Random let me wander into his world”

Should smile more often…

You can do those things that make ye smile,And the smiling inside thou will-alight the world,Saying like, I smile wherever I go, and I smile for no reason,But if ye want to smile for thine sake, smile with thine heart,Look inside many beatings are like a drum that cheers the rhythm,But thee, I offer myContinue reading “Should smile more often…”