The Intense Time

[SINNER]. I am disappointed in you.[JUDGMENT]. You want the last word, take it then –[SINNER]. You can finish me, you know, Judgment.Perhaps you should have warned Life what befallsThose who cross me my life the way I do.Maybe what happened to Life was your fault.No matter what, my sins did help defeatWar. so I supposeContinue reading “The Intense Time”

Complexness of Idiosyncratic

[COLOURFULNESS]. Now the Racist is dead.[EARTHMAN]. Mm, can I help you with something?[COLOURFULNESS]. I just bought back your peace.And Earthman, I’m switching on the peace house.[EARTHMAN] Is that so? Nothing else? That is.[COLOURFULNESS]. I’m going to take thePeace house back, and I’m making it intoA reminder that anyone can peace;I do not care if theyContinue reading “Complexness of Idiosyncratic”

Time is due to all

The stream floats around,It reaches a sinful man,Saying like, I shall smash down the lords of Mislead,Whereas there shall be no more the lords of Hypocrite. Hey, hey, and hey! Shouted the sinful man,Time is due to all that which is here to come,Passing, overcoming, whatever there is in me,Out of the book, passing toContinue reading “Time is due to all”

Think, Think, and Think

Think, think, and think Do you think you can make the world be your thinking way? Deaf can change Deaf, as Hearing can change Hearing Do you think the Deaf can change Hearing? Yes, why not? For the history taught us That Hearing can change Deaf Proven by the world, oh yeah Deaf wears HearingContinue reading “Think, Think, and Think”

Our Colourful Inners?

KINGWhen I am thinking of you,I want your world to be the best,And I also hope that you also wantThe same for me, for us, for the world,Oh, my love, my lily, my queen, behold, beloved,May I paint my rainbow out to you,For each colour, know each love for each match,But each of them togetherContinue reading “Our Colourful Inners?”

My dream was showing me…

I dreamt that I was flying,But there were many obstacles,Yet I flew through them all,Always something to explore,Fade, different places, and new dimension,There I was flying around the Earth,Then a sphere let me in,Everything looked like an ancient sphere. ©️ Ismael Mansoor


I have always attached to “connection”.In my view of “connection”, It’s part of the core of my being.  Connection is meaningful.In everything to give you wholeIn feeling to give you confidenceIn reading to give you discernment In music to give you the pleasure of expressionsIn poetry, to understand complexity,In art, to give you a deep representative,In solvingContinue reading “Connection”

Different Atmospheres Within Myself

And somehow Personification came to me,I am here to define what was inside thou,So that you may understand every one bit of them,Like Pause made you think twice,And like Metaphor made you see all the pictures,And like Paradox made you unlock all the hidden ones,Yeah? Saviour and Understanding made you open yourself,And view all within,Continue reading “Different Atmospheres Within Myself”

Freewill Expression Of My Love

She said he is sad,But she loves him, yet also love him when he is happy.Well, she said he is happy,But she loves him more, yet also far more loving him,Like I am a Jupiter in her universe, wait, no,I am the only one who is so large than everything elseBut forgive me if yeContinue reading “Freewill Expression Of My Love”

I want our business to bloom

Brainstorm,He goest to see her, why?He tells her, thine time for business is a must,For our world needs thee to makest it happens,So, can I be thine pillar, perhaps thine road-maker? Brainstorm,She fuels her passion, so well done that she has listened,Her business blossom, like a volcano all of sudden,But aye, mercy, merry, marvellous, allContinue reading “I want our business to bloom”