Stormy Minds

PROVOKE. Fool man, you keep me provoking you,Because you let your words fool me, or make me sleepy,So, how could you confuse his mind that he is in your world?Your world is full of craps and nonsense, so should I tell Hades?To prepare for your corruption and the suffering you made upon the world?Oh, your faceContinue reading “Stormy Minds”

The importance of focusing on oneself

Thee tell me why I am using this word often, tell,Thee must tell out of thyself, out of thine emotion,But cautious with your dark side, and beware with your sin,For everyone cannot be perfect, nor one in the world,But if one argues that there is one who is perfect and pure,I will go to themContinue reading “The importance of focusing on oneself”

Feel so deep in my heart

Words inspired by the Matrix Revolutions –I see the end coming.I see the darkness spreading.I see death.And you are all that stands in his way.Smith.Very soon, he is going to have the powerto destroy this world.But I believe he won’t stop there.He can’t.He won’t stop untilthere’s nothing left at all. What happened to your heart?IContinue reading “Feel so deep in my heart”

As liking of King Peace’s virtuous ways

KING PEACE. My teammates, I am to my friends,That has been my mission and reminders.Your requirement is paying attention,To me have been considered, this is soImportant that all yours are my duty. POLITICIAN. Here is old the testOld testament. For the profiter drawnAll wealth’s passions, I say tax must not stop. KING PEACE. That wasContinue reading “As liking of King Peace’s virtuous ways”