Random thoughts

Once Sin is defeated, the cursed thingrises into the air, surrounded bydiamonds of energy, and dies in dramaticfinal old fashion. All the paradoxesof curses get destroyed too.The Earth goes green, blue and brown,and fades back in on the heaven;it’s heavenly time there, and natureon the Earth and inside the Earthare shinning beautiful and brightly.Many livingContinue reading “Random thoughts”

Very vibey!

O, my love!Did you touch my heart?Did you inject love into my dove?Not that I know about your art,But my dove is not afraid of you.My dove is dear to me.But what you will say of me –Of that, I am in so love with you. O, my love!Did you touch my soul?Did you injectContinue reading “Very vibey!”

God is…

God is with the Light;God is with the Brightness;God is with the Glow;God is the Real. God is with the Lover;God is with the Cherisher;God is with the Kinder;God is the Mercy. God is with the Wealthier.God is with the Richer.God is with the Heart.God is the Abundance. God is with the Wiser;God is withContinue reading “God is…”

Surreal sonnet

To subjects, love has given a self-loving feel.O, sure love is, the lovers of self-lovingTo the shown where love is hiddenOr to be shown where love is invisible.To this loving wonder of self-wondering;That might love what self-loving could feel.At first in character of lover is doing love,Show self-wondering love in some impossibility,Even love burning beyondContinue reading “Surreal sonnet”

Africa is rich

O dear African, it stays middle of the world –African lands in the centre of the world.How interesting is it holding land on Earth –Perhaps, Earth did move lands away from Africa. O dear African, it stays middle of the world –African lands in the centre of the worldO, I did say twice, that twoContinue reading “Africa is rich”

My simple thoughts

Live to the fullest,Know this is true,That when to live,To the fullest willFeel body healthily. If you want to live fully,Give love to the air,And respect the world,For-itself is full of life,Which like to be beautiful If I tell you to be beautiful,I mean well, for the sake of,The eternal hope that stores,Inside ourselves soContinue reading “My simple thoughts”

Haiku 3 stanzas – We are unique

Start writing or type,To choose a saying and more,Start with the open. Then, ye come to me,Saying like, how can I writeWith full heart and mind? How can I tell thou?Thou art unique and not me,Go and show who you’re. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Dear Creator…

Dear Creator,I want to say something,From my deep heart,Is that You Are So Great! I think no matter what Life is like,Life will always be Life,And I believe Life is good for us,But we have to be true to Live ourselves. We have to change the way,We usually think about Life,Because if we do toContinue reading “Dear Creator…”

Words of Love’s Imagination

Once a time when I wrote this book,I was desperate to love a woman,Or I was longing for her to love me,So I went out too far to imagine,And then words expressed out of me,But this book I wrote was second-language,Yes, second English language. Perhaps you would find those words in this book,Too much loveContinue reading “Words of Love’s Imagination”