Life lesson

The Miracle Creator is in my heart,But I told Him, how can I save the Earth?I was not a great man to change her discourse,But He implants the words in my thoughts,The wisdom to the path of the tree roots,The little voice shouts, we, together, can do it.Who says the impossible? If your spirit isContinue reading “Life lesson”

Out of control

Dialogue style You are quiet.What if I say you are noisy.You are rude.I also think that you are rude.What?What?Well, man, why don’t you shut your mouth?Wow, you are so out of control.Why do you think I am out of control?Leave it.What do you think I am out of control?You told me to shut my mouth.Continue reading “Out of control”

Magical Deaf World

I look at my horizon,My Deaf Mind is on the amazon,Of a magical river- I see the Fantasy,Is singing to me as the wind;I don’t hear the wind by the sounds of my mind,But by the imagination of my tasty-I will hold a magical staff, embrace it from my magic,A magic of mine, is aContinue reading “Magical Deaf World”

[ Oh, ye must not give up ]

Oh, ye must not give upFor thee have hope and honourHumble the Wiser, and praise the SongWith thy heart, thy love, and thy joyGive up all thy habits that trouble thine addictionThee, thou, and ye, aye, all of you must deserveThe goodness, the rejoicing, and the just-smile-foreverHope, thee must, patience, and faith for long itContinue reading “[ Oh, ye must not give up ]”

Be fair to thyself as thou could

Thy love shall blossom all over thy familyBut thee must love thy time when thou art aloneEven if thou art in a room, or in a garden, whether ifThey are small, tiny, or big, huge, whatever size it isThy aloneness needs thee more than ye ever knowOh, thy love for others art such special andContinue reading “Be fair to thyself as thou could”


I see a powerful healer in mind,They smile, and they are truthful to everything else,But the mind shall not be my colonisation,I shall be the one to colonise my mind. Time to remember everything is 10 percent,And the rest of 90 percent is me, my reaction.Thee remember that is true, aye, 90 percent,The mind shallContinue reading “CONTROL MIND”

The Wind Of Feeling

My heart walks into a feeling,Just as true as the Lord please,And to an angel,He stands below the Miracle. More than one angel themselvesHave no doubt what He does.It’s the fire in my heart,And the stubborn of my light,That inspires in my blood,And the faith in my body –My mind is Deaf not HearingSo that’sContinue reading “The Wind Of Feeling”

The Fantasy whisper to him, have you come…

The right arm is holding on the right chin,He looks like he’s smiting,But the soul is good and powerfulEnough for people to feel we are safe.He lifts himself from the throne,And praise his hands to the sky,Saying, my people are sinful, but I prayPray, pray, and pray for the hope to bless us,But his eyesContinue reading “The Fantasy whisper to him, have you come…”