Think about the things out there

A lion says, Crazy are Humans who fees themselves, Then ant’s queen says, Crazy is King Lion who sends his women to hunt, And a bird says Crazy is Ant Queen who sends her army out to scout, And a shark says, Crazy is Dolphin who holds their breath in my sea Then the EarthContinue reading “Think about the things out there”

My design #9

If I want to do what I love,Then go for it, and nothing can stop me I have a dream, a goal, even a passion,Do the thing that can make me rocket to my happiness,And feel it around people that feel mine If I don’t believe in meWho will do it for me?No one else,ButContinue reading “My design #9”

The Distort Mind

The bubble splashed around a boy, It washed him and distorted his mind, Then went he to a land of many eyes, They saw him, the boy who in the bubble, And they bowed down before him, And suddenly, the boy was gone. The bubble splashed around the boy, It wetted him and noised hisContinue reading “The Distort Mind”

Riddles Ridden The Exceeded Skill

Sir, I want you to exceed your skill.What would you have me done?Bestow thyself, then might it would have you know.You say of a riddle that I know is not clear.Well, sir, then follow me to a place of no hope.Alright then, have it thine way, and I follow ye. Sir, you saw it allContinue reading “Riddles Ridden The Exceeded Skill”

Is it linked?

Fantasy Well, sir, how much do you want me to liberate myself?Only I can free ye if I have all the money in the world,then it will be true that I wantest ye to clear thyself.Well, sir, then how much should I understand? Fantasy Whither ye to see a sir, then will ye do myContinue reading “Is it linked?”