We can touch Love anytime

Oh my heart, said I to myself, oh my soul, I listen to my inner world of mine, But I wonder if thou also listen to thy inner world? It has everything inside the soul. Oh, my heart, I asked Love, and it embraces me, Like Love in everyone has a calling to them, AContinue reading “We can touch Love anytime”

An Emotional Love In Him

She offers me with all her mind and heart, Saith she to me, I love you, my universe! Her love is an infinite And I shall be in it of her,  Then Grace comes to me,  Saying like, You look at me,Feeling that I am in thy emotion,And I smile indescribable,Yet thy life is aContinue reading “An Emotional Love In Him”

Freewill Expression Of My Love

She said he is sad,But she loves him, yet also love him when he is happy.Well, she said he is happy,But she loves him more, yet also far more loving him,Like I am a Jupiter in her universe, wait, no,I am the only one who is so large than everything elseBut forgive me if yeContinue reading “Freewill Expression Of My Love”

The Mystical of our Theory

Alight, my friend!Good to see you.Yes, me too.So, where is my love?She is flying in the cloud.Pardon?You’re a poet, my friend.My love is flying in the –Cloud.Which is the cloud?I cannot tell.There’re so many cloudsYes, my friend.Where might my love be?I say again, flying in the –Which one of the clouds?Ask the sky he’s all-knowing.All-knowing?Continue reading “The Mystical of our Theory”

Mysterious about fondness…

Fantasy Love, it’s opened!Is it open?Come on!It’s going to be awesome! Riddle Thank you!Hey, give me back my love, you feeler!Love!I suck. Fantasy How are you so good at love?I’ve never even played love perfect.I don’t know.There’s felt to how love is feeling think. Complicated, I do feel it,but you sure as heaven does.Feel theContinue reading “Mysterious about fondness…”

Look inside

I open up myself,To look all inside,But you look at yours,And if I have power,I would read all about you,But well, we will talk about it later,So, for now, I look all inside,Thinking about what I can do,For the sake of the Miracle. © Ismael Mansoor

Love never pursue because it’s always there

Love would tell thee,How True-Love would be,Well, she put her heart on me,And made romantic gestures,With the great passion of her soul! See? Love would tell thee,How True-Love would be,When she sees me, she is in her world of heaven,And the next thing she could love me unconditionally! See? Love would tell thee,How True-Love wouldContinue reading “Love never pursue because it’s always there”

Inside His Heart

A lovely woman brought up the walk-Way to a man. Inside his heart,Are romantic, gentle, wise and creative.She comes to a stop beside the walkwayHer heart, she has arrived at the place.She won’t be a hopeless romanticist,He shall make preparations for the crown ofHis new queen. Will, she loves him? They salute. Inspired by FinalContinue reading “Inside His Heart”


She told him, “Please, you come around here,”She wants to see his face, his handsome faceThe fire’s in her eyes, and her eyes crySo she loves him, she loves him She better sees him, she better do,What she can doShe wants to see him, so many tearsShe tried to be tough, better do what sheContinue reading “SHE LOVES HIM”