REflecting her inner

Yet so amazingThat your look is heavenThat whispers to my head,The gentle of the adorableOf the Miracle’s sweetnessThat flows to me like water,So neatnessThat your felt sounds riverOf the special-feeling of hopeThat lily is in my heart soLovely so great vibe soFaithful sweetness hope! © Ismael Mansoor

Love is not biased

Thy love is thine understanding how much is in thy heart,But the love itself is the understanding of the one,How can thee walketh in the love’s shoesIf ye say you love thy family, but not some of your friends,How can thine relatives love thine cow while you slaughter them?Ye say to me, thou art hunger,Continue reading “Love is not biased”

Desire Love

They desire to love, said him to herTheir beauty of love is sleeping insideBut they tend to love, always, foreverSo, do they know that their beauty of loveIs sleeping inside, waiting for it to wake up?He said to her, but my love for thou,Increasing every day, yes, every night! ©️ Ismael Mansoor

God wants you to love me…

God wants you to love me, But He also wants me to love you, So tell me, what should I do with love? God wants you to love me, So what should you do with me? I ask you not of gay nor lesbian even straight ones, I ask you as a person, man orContinue reading “God wants you to love me…”

Love yourself but don’t forget to love others too

Love gives ye lots of her love,But thy saying, I can’t find my loveWhat were thou thinking?Thy body needs your love. If I was about to sayThen someone interprets,How can you love everything in life?Thee seek what ye get from thy seeking. If I build a wall so tall enoughFor everyone to question themselves,What wasContinue reading “Love yourself but don’t forget to love others too”


If they ask me about my loveI would say she is great the great loveBut I would go far to say, she is miraculousShe is the love of my life, and I pray LOVETo with us forever and everLet me go to the utopia, the fantasy, everythingLet them hear me out of my thoughtsThe truthContinue reading “[ IF THEY ASK ME ABOUT MY LIFE ]”


The imagination planes on the view, Bee is in it, and Windy looks at him, She said I carry your wings whatever you need, Because my spirit is always with you. The imagination planes on the world, Bee flies all around it, and Windy quickly grabs him, She said, forgive me that I blow you,Continue reading “ALL IS WELL IN THE AIR”

He thoughts that she never appears

Was he fantasying himself to get the right woman?He did wish to get his fantasy to become real,But why wouldn’t he try to find her in his reality?He liked the feeling that he imagined of her,He liked it so much than one ever know or imagine.Sometimes he went out to look for her but neverContinue reading “He thoughts that she never appears”