You know, you know…

The old-wise saying, love one another,But it is difficult for a sinner,The fact that humans are not the only onesOther living species have sinned like us. It’s a shame that some chose the hate feelings,But is it not a shame if some chose the love feelings?We are like other living species that have their sins,DifferentContinue reading “You know, you know…”

ONe can if believe

Anything one can have if one earns oneself’s belief;Believe in one’s path, to the strength of earns,And the strength in oneself leads the earns-Anything one can have if one will to work,Will to believe, will to commit and will to be ableConnecting oneself the strength of faith;The faith must connect to the truth,Not a faithContinue reading “ONe can if believe”

[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]

Much at all, yeah much at allOne shall know what I expect so muchI don’t expect from you, or anyoneI expect from the Miracle, yeah I expect from Him Look at the sky, when it rains, when it suns when it grays,When the world moves as itself to carry on the lifeOne has warmth, andContinue reading “[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]”

Global Warming

What is the Earth doing now? Global Warming! Time to stop saying what you like about her weathers If you dislike the summer, time to change to like it, If you dislike the winter, time to change to like it, If you dislike Global Warming, what can you? Tell me, what can you do withContinue reading “Global Warming”

What belongs, belongs there forever!

Oh, oh, oh, ye made those things by thine hands,But did thee ask thyself if they are for the Earth’s benefit?Or for thy money’s sake? Thee must think when to takeSomething that belongs to the Earth and alone her. Oh, oh, oh, thee cannot tell me that the trees belong to Humankind,Nor ye can sayContinue reading “What belongs, belongs there forever!”

A Song In My Head

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay Let me sing song for you,So now this is your song. You can ask the Miracle CreatorTo sing for you with His Miracle’s ToneBecause you know that there’s no harm to askPut it in your heart, I want you to feelAlight? You ready? Yes, let’s get ready I knowContinue reading “A Song In My Head”

The fantasy of such a poem

Image by Ondřej Šponiar from Pixabay Thou art perfectThee shew us Sun and MoonOh the Proud is with Thee The sky shew us the blue and the starsThe number of tiny spotsAll of them Thee that shew usLet I to Ye that I may not hide Thou art perfectThee shew us Green and BrownOh theContinue reading “The fantasy of such a poem”

Shielding from the temptation

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay Hey Tempt I would like to tell youWell done oh you seeYou rule my weak selfCause you know how to weak my mind Hey Tempt look at me with your eyesWell doneCause you toy with my soul oh yeahYou know Hey Tempt you go to my weak selfToy withContinue reading “Shielding from the temptation”