Out Of The Chest

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay Express out of the chestCalm is the body’s need Wake up from the sleepingBe grateful but if someone is not happyAsk why to live and ask why, whyIt is better to question self than to passiveWake up from the passive mind that rulesWake up from all that barrens, andContinue reading “Out Of The Chest”

Expressing My Inner World

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone ThineCould I brave to sayth such words, are everything evil also ThineA question in my mind that asks, and I turn it into a song, or lyricLet a voice of the singer, or the lyricist, let them speak of TheeContinue reading “Expressing My Inner World”

[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]

Image by Andrea Stöckel-Kowall from Pixabay Much at all, and yeah, much at allOne shall know what I expect so muchI don’t expect from you, or anyoneI expect from the Miracle, yeah I expect from Him Look at the sky when it rains when it suns and when it graysWhen the world moves as itselfContinue reading “[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]”

Pride is not for me

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay Proud said they but not me that love saying proudlyOh, thee want to distinguish my hood if I did proudlyOh ya, how could I not be imperfect, oh, look at my earsThey are not as well-hearing, but they dim any soundOnce Dumb and Mute had given to me but IContinue reading “Pride is not for me”

The Top Of The Peak

Image by sebastian del val from Pixabay Think who you support when ye shout, he is marvelousFeel who thee trust when thou sayth, he is our leaderNo leader would lead himself to the alonenessYe, thou, thee, and you, aye, all of ye art leaders [Chorus:]Everybody wants to jump to the top of the peakBut theeContinue reading “The Top Of The Peak”

Remind Peace to Remember

Image by 174695 from Pixabay Peace, peace, will I forever ask myself, am I peacefulPeace, remind, and peace, remember, forever will I feel peaceful They said, how ye be a peace, oh, the other said, how they be a warWar is in my head, but forever will I ask myself, am I peacefulWar is aContinue reading “Remind Peace to Remember”

Don’t be a snake

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Power, Glory, Holy, where have they been in our heartPower, Glory, Holy, did they hide away from usThee tell me with thy honesty, oh, no white lies, pleaseI doth not need to see thy comfortable hands Aye, I need ye abolish thy white lies, and thee tell me withContinue reading “Don’t be a snake”

Thee must sleep and eat, think about it

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay Come, come, see and tell what going on isOh, he doesn’t judge but ask, why have they misled themselves?Why have they obeyed themselves rather than our Holy Creator?Thee think how to answer why because it’s easy to explain whyBut before thou answer, thee thought it was okay to doContinue reading “Thee must sleep and eat, think about it”

A man and a woman

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay Have they ever wonder who is their man, and who is their womanHave they wondered why they are single, oh their time is not nowBut will come right for them, oh don’t be impatientHey, hey, don’t be rush, it is not worth it He had been single for aContinue reading “A man and a woman”