Like my moody

Come, come, Fruits will feed you,Hence, Vegetable also nutrient thou,So all may have what is good in all,Such like we will help each other,Then ye, well, hitherto, oh, another,Such riddle is it to confront all waterfalls Granadilla dash and say like,Bitter, why did ye touch me?People want Sugar by my side,Because they demand Merry. SuchContinue reading “Like my moody”

Bread and Water: Endless Possibilities

You give me bread, and I will eat it,Then I give you a loaf of bread, and I think of you.The faith in you shall not leave me,For I ate thine bread, who gave me free will All the bread shall feed the world,With green foods and all the fruits You give me water, andContinue reading “Bread and Water: Endless Possibilities”