Easy to let messages out, isn’t it?

It is easy for gossipers to gossip,But why are gossipers difficult to quieten,When they have nothing to say of good things?Perhaps, it is their way of thinking that no gossip,Would be boredom,Or perhaps, it is their mind that cannot be stoppedQuieting or calm down by their out-of-the-expression. © Ismael Mansoor

What thee see is for ye

What thee see is for ye,But a reaction from thine worldYe speak from your thoughts,And thy body listens to what ye say,Even like me as a Deaf man,My body listens to what I signFrom my thoughts. Well, man, woman, child, boy, girl, shout the mind,I will not leave every word, so they must show,What wereContinue reading “What thee see is for ye”

The Ivy of Amber’s Mind

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay AMBER. You say you’re sweet: how should I know? ARCTURUS. Then you shall find out how sweet I am! AMBER. From what – how so? I keep myself free! ARCTURUS. Whether that you believe me or not AMBER. Whether that you be sweet or no? ARCTURUS. Long I have sweetened in this now AMBER. A sweet headContinue reading “The Ivy of Amber’s Mind”

What art thou? A citizen

Image by Harut Movsisyan from Pixabay Hi poetThy manner? That’s niceA poet goes to his wordsCreative is what he lovesPleasure, to make thy poetryBut thou art, not a poetWhat art thou? A citizenOr a person who knew their heartWell, do ye know my poetry?If thou do not know what is inside my soulAsk thy heartContinue reading “What art thou? A citizen”