Riddling Thoughts With Fantasy Ways

Riddle Feel free to draw thine reasoningYe ‘ve left thine self full of openingsThat is what I’d like to sayBut it appears as thoughThat would be far from the truthSo much negativity is overflowingFrom the world that it began to takeVisible form. We’ve grown strongerOr rather. We’ve attained our trueOriginal sins Fantasy NowHow will weContinue reading “Riddling Thoughts With Fantasy Ways”

Faith And Breathing New Life

Bravo Angel, The Ancient One:There was an Angel in the heart of Earth,Left his home, brought to Earth,Fought on righteous, fought for righteous The story wonders me when I think ofHeaven to my brain that makes sense:How the Ancient One was an Angel,And he left his home, brought to Earth,Fought on righteous, fought for righteousContinue reading “Faith And Breathing New Life”

We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us

Fantasy Shepherd truly understands the guiding role of its responsibility,But I seem to be in a state of the question.Why did you slaughter sheep to say hello to my stomach?Did you join the force with Brainwash?And how did you cloud my judgment with Brainwash?He let me be in a state of confusion,So here I seemContinue reading “We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us”

Words or action?

Hmm, imagine if ye lo at me,As if thee expect me to knowest of thine explanation,Then he goes to thou, saying like,What offers thee as a reader who comes and read,Such easy words, cheap, not so expensive,But ye understand is the most important, breakfast,Lunch, and supper, aye, know thine limit,Oh, give times to those whoContinue reading “Words or action?”

A very powerful tool that enhances our creativity

The arts of the Visualiser, the son of Fantasy, the prince in Universe.The creativeness of creativenesses imaged the Visualiser; all is creativity.What art has a visualiser of all his visualisation which he sensed his imagination?One question has answered, and another answer has questioned:All questions are full of questioning: a visualiser must know an answer. InspiredContinue reading “A very powerful tool that enhances our creativity”

A Cliffhanger

A corrupt man is sitting alone, with his wife in the distance. They are on the vacation.“I should be happy, but,” paused his wife. “Once I knew you start to corrupt, I didn’t know how I should feel. I kind of wanted to cry. I haven’t felt this way since I knew that play withContinue reading “A Cliffhanger”

Alright, I leave here in peace.

I order you to love yourself. What about you? Hey, I ordered you to love yourself! And I asked, what about you? How can you defy a king? Do I defy you? You defy the king to love yourself. And should I say, you defy your love? Guards. How can you be a king whenContinue reading “Alright, I leave here in peace.”

Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story

Transcription: A:We put our drinks down. B:Left side (LS) sign B: Hello.Right side (RS) NMF: Likewise. C:LS NMF: I’m laughing because he looks funny.RS sign C: I pick up my drink and drink, it is so bitter that it makes me look at it sourly, and I put it back down. D:LS NMF: I turnContinue reading “Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story”

My thoughts of digging deep

The Miracle One is with my soul,As my soul with my body-A vehicle needs a driver to embody,To be as non-foul. I swim in the pool of Miracle,Imaging what is sense to beAn oracle.To be as oracle is to be-An oracle seems as saneOh, it is just meImaging what is sense to beThe oracle. TheContinue reading “My thoughts of digging deep”

Imagination is his fantasy…

Imagination is his fantasyThe greatest of all the seersHe is to imagineUntil the day of the Creator’s fate He only reaches a light heart,He enters the image of a healing heavenThey feel over his creative imaginationHe is ordering them to believe again The world he finds out wondering himTo his brain, he struggles for true-peaceLifeContinue reading “Imagination is his fantasy…”