So be it. What? You think you can control me. I want you to open your mind. How can you open my mindIf it won’t heal me? Know your dark side,And resist not.If you resist, your dark sideUnlock your weakness. What? Don’t resist your dark side.If you don’t resist, you will be able to beatContinue reading “BE IT”

Random thoughts

Once Sin is defeated, the cursed thingrises into the air, surrounded bydiamonds of energy, and dies in dramaticfinal old fashion. All the paradoxesof curses get destroyed too.The Earth goes green, blue and brown,and fades back in on the heaven;it’s heavenly time there, and natureon the Earth and inside the Earthare shinning beautiful and brightly.Many livingContinue reading “Random thoughts”

Mysterious random thoughts

Here’s the story at the creative desk.The Earth of dusk,Has stored its share of miracle cures,From the Earth non-immunity,To immunityBut all past achievements may lureIn unknown to the workOf the Earth. Thanks to the Earth much for your faithThat find knowing any jerk.The Earth gives itTo all in the freeing permitWell, nature is quite simple.GrowContinue reading “Mysterious random thoughts”

[ When the door… ]

When the door openedit shone brightly all over the world.O the door compelled the worldto the knee and eventually, they pennedtheir knees before the door.Alas, alas, no one, no oneever knew where the door shonefrom but only the one who boorhe closed the door and the worldfreed from knees and stood up. © Ismael Mansoor

Hitherto mysterious

Hey good souls, how bearable art thou to handle thy thoughts,That ye won’t give up of thy lord that beliefs upon thy stream, That every beneath shall neath, well, heather be thee to hither,But not ask of souls, but ask of the riddle, what it means,Well, heather be thee to hither, thither then ye wellContinue reading “Hitherto mysterious”

Maybe the time is different from all the timeframe

Some people said that Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is coming soon. Perhaps, our time is so different to his time, as the time of butterflies, the time of cats and dogs, the time of elephants, and the time of tortoises are so different to our time. Like, for cats and dogs in oneContinue reading “Maybe the time is different from all the timeframe”

Pray is thine soul’s magic

May all the safety be with me.Why you sound like a prayer.May the Lord be with my side.Are you praying to yourself?I pray to the Lord.Why are you looking up to the sky?The Lord is up there.But you are praying to yourself.I am praying to the Lord.But still, you are praying to yourself.What do youContinue reading “Pray is thine soul’s magic”

Holy or just a talk?

The seven ones who are holy onesThey said you call the MiracleWho do you think you are?You are brave to say such words,But why such words out of your mouth?The provoke made and make you write,Out of yourself, yes, thyself, and such Old EnglishThey would say, why did thee bring out the old past?And theContinue reading “Holy or just a talk?”

Thee tell me…

Thee tell me,What should thou doth with thy body,Abuse or pay respect,Which one? Again will thee tell me,What should ye do to give the best you can?Thee should ask the sharer, for they know the best,But doth not thou dare to ask the selfish-greedy,For they know the best of what is not in the shareContinue reading “Thee tell me…”