How come to close heart for long…

Grace, her magic arrivesEveryone cheer and rejoiceGo and pay your salutationShe has not destroyed us, Grace, Grace, and GraceEveryone chants, GraceGo and pay your attention to her, with your kindness,She has welcomed us with her understanding. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

The abstract of the paradox

My mind is Deaf, yet the fantasy insistThat I speak of hope,That cries unto my world,To message the outside of the world,That my words will sword with,The peace that begets peace of love,Because it needs to voice,For what love is, and that love is,For the Miracle and the universe,To unlock all the wonderful things,To comeContinue reading “The abstract of the paradox”

Oh, could it be a paradox?

Light, light, look! Is he lost?Time is ripping, oh, he will rewriteWhat, what hope do they fear?In the game, what does one think the world is peaceful?Should his woman sing a lyricEnough to shine all over the mapWhat imagines does she has in her mind?Fairy, sunrise, rainbow, oh, such rich, and spiritBut how can duskContinue reading “Oh, could it be a paradox?”

Hoping that ye find my words

I made food for my body,But she feeds me daily,With content and marvellous,Like everything is victorious. Thee have been seeking for me,And I wait, wait, hoping that ye find my words.Thee bell my sound, hello, here I am,We are interested to get to know your scripture. Help, help, help, for thou have seeks for theContinue reading “Hoping that ye find my words”

So Mysterious

I thank myself for the miraculous safety,And I thank you for your peace and patience,And also, I thank the Earth for her understanding,But hence, she will do what’s right for her sphere,Like I would caress my body. Listen, man, woman, child, boy, and girl,Our bodies are like the Earth, but not exactly, of course,But weContinue reading “So Mysterious”