Cupid’s Arrows

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay Oh Cupid, did he arrows her heart?What was Cupid thinking? Oh, oh Cupid, I am in love with theeNot that I know of love but your bowArrow to a destination that targets Oh, oh, oh Cupid, I cannot leave theeNot that I know of love but my obsessionLet usContinue reading “Cupid’s Arrows”


Showtime, the strength of a manSomebody saw him talking to a treeAnd they heard the whisper of a soundAs the man who had the strengthSpoke one word HeThe tree that was with his sound, one word HeIt became a hope of a flowerAnd they said to themselves, how could this treeBecome a huge flower? Such a strange figureContinue reading “STRANGE FIGURE”