Should I Summon Thee?

My High Lady,I heard ye summoned Wake-up,So, what is he doing right now? My High Gentleman,I summoned him to the due of time,Such is a riddling ring that bells so free,Like the sky of all the birds,But my High Gentleman,Listen to me as thine High Lady,It’s time for ye to summon Now-Truth. Hold on, well,Continue reading “Should I Summon Thee?”

Is it enough?

Fantasy Ye goest outing, saying like, Why did you put a face in front of me? What have I done to ye? Ye view me as an “Other,” Why? I have been here for a long time, Yet I doth not need to tell thee all about me. Excuse me, how many years have yeContinue reading “Is it enough?”

Hungry for Freedom

Fantasy A long time ago, Saviour went out of the Earth,And he never comes back.Well, no one saw him back. Fantasy Why must I eat every day?Why is my hunger- my enemy?If I don’t find something to feed it,It is a threat to my whole body,Why? My hunger will absorb my flesh,That’s the way ifContinue reading “Hungry for Freedom”

Rumbles of Consciousness

Fantasy I go to talk to Daydream,Saying like,Fantasy is that I got a gift-word,Then I went to thine world,The daydreaming mystic. Fantasy My high one, I heard your power is unimaginable,Fathom, such formal to rule such a power,But ye heard I am Daydream’s servant.Well, excuse me, Provoke approached me,Who was fearless with his words.He wasContinue reading “Rumbles of Consciousness”

The Day Earth Breathe Life

Fantasy At the wow in Earth Square, where men and women were standing “Peace is but a hope of calm. Remember to live its peace…”“Though we live for breathing years, after thousands of years of hope.”“And while the Earth still sustain, by Life, she’s long-bearable.” Earthman steps out behind the wow, EarthmanWhat a blessing dayContinue reading “The Day Earth Breathe Life”


Something specialSomething originalSomething awesomeSomething amazingSomething magicSomething magnificent More than somethingI’m ready to sense them with this giftI’m equipping to senseFeel them and focus on themBecause I’m prepared to knowSense them, feeling themThe facts for them to focus And those that max, relax and let them get the flowMy sense is a gift I’m ready to knowI’m readyToContinue reading ““Something””

i gotta tell RAin…

As Sky came to his answers, and he said to Cloud, “I know our true identities now, Cloud.”Cloud was misting.“I’ve got to tell Rain… before it’s too late,” said Cloud. ‘It’s no good I moved so slowly.”“The true measure of our positions are not how we do but how we live,” interrupted Sky.“Thinking on myself,Continue reading “i gotta tell RAin…”

Hope sounds comfortable

The Great Spirit whispered to the Hope“You are the Hope of the Universe,”“An unbroken line of the Great Light.”So the Hope stood in front of the FearWhile millions of spirits watched them HopeI am the Hope,The spirit ofThe Universe.And I am hereTo stop Fear. FearYou are the HopeOf no universe.You are for despairSome spirits followMeContinue reading “Hope sounds comfortable”

Fear would not be with love…

It is wonderful to lead your people,Out of fear, out of sadness, out of rage,But I don’t think you will get a reward if,You feed your people with your fire-anger,Because at the end you will lose your love,That you would bring a meaningless to them,History has shown us if weFeed fear would not be ableContinue reading “Fear would not be with love…”