So be it. What? You think you can control me. I want you to open your mind. How can you open my mindIf it won’t heal me? Know your dark side,And resist not.If you resist, your dark sideUnlock your weakness. What? Don’t resist your dark side.If you don’t resist, you will be able to beatContinue reading “BE IT”

Random thoughts

Once Sin is defeated, the cursed thingrises into the air, surrounded bydiamonds of energy, and dies in dramaticfinal old fashion. All the paradoxesof curses get destroyed too.The Earth goes green, blue and brown,and fades back in on the heaven;it’s heavenly time there, and natureon the Earth and inside the Earthare shinning beautiful and brightly.Many livingContinue reading “Random thoughts”

God is…

God is with the Light;God is with the Brightness;God is with the Glow;God is the Real. God is with the Lover;God is with the Cherisher;God is with the Kinder;God is the Mercy. God is with the Wealthier.God is with the Richer.God is with the Heart.God is the Abundance. God is with the Wiser;God is withContinue reading “God is…”

Africa is rich

O dear African, it stays middle of the world –African lands in the centre of the world.How interesting is it holding land on Earth –Perhaps, Earth did move lands away from Africa. O dear African, it stays middle of the world –African lands in the centre of the worldO, I did say twice, that twoContinue reading “Africa is rich”

Dear Creator…

Dear Creator,I want to say something,From my deep heart,Is that You Are So Great! I think no matter what Life is like,Life will always be Life,And I believe Life is good for us,But we have to be true to Live ourselves. We have to change the way,We usually think about Life,Because if we do toContinue reading “Dear Creator…”

REflecting her inner

Yet so amazingThat your look is heavenThat whispers to my head,The gentle of the adorableOf the Miracle’s sweetnessThat flows to me like water,So neatnessThat your felt sounds riverOf the special-feeling of hopeThat lily is in my heart soLovely so great vibe soFaithful sweetness hope! © Ismael Mansoor


I grew growing up as a Deaf person.I saw seeing what I see with my eyes.I heard feeling what I hear with my ears.I felt sensing what I feel with my vibration.I learnt learning what Hearing did learn.I studied studying what Hearing did study,I tried trying what Hearing did try.I embraced embracing what Hearing didContinue reading “Wonder”

Calming Waters

Where must I go?Where can I find the inner calm?I believe in what I am going to do,I have faith that one day,I will be able to know where I go,I will be able to find inner calm. Thee seek that peeks upon ye,Then Old English might define,I will feed you with such a riddle,ButContinue reading “Calming Waters”