We need a lot more of kindness on this earth

If I am like the master of silence,And if you too happen to be,Then please don’t tell me,“Why you never talk with me,”Or, “Hi, stranger.” They said it’s rude to say,“When are you getting married?”Because you put pressure on them,And they also said it’s rude to say,“Why are you so fat? Why are you soContinue reading “We need a lot more of kindness on this earth”

The Universe

In my understanding, I would imagine.Is that the Universe is like a being.Because we are in it like cells in the body,Well, I have to explain a little further.If the picture talks about you, I see your body.If the picture talks about your brain, I see a brain.If the picture talks about your heart, IContinue reading “The Universe”

The rocket

You know what a rocket does,It fires up out to push out of the sky,Like how a virus fires up to get out of the mouth,Nostrils, pores, whatever there out of the skin,Well, a rocket is nothing in Space,It waits for it lands on a lifeform, warm and live,Like how a virus is nothing inContinue reading “The rocket”


This just nature.When the rain is pouring,The clouds will bring the wet.The sky watches –It wide aheadThe clouds float around.It’s safeTo the east, to the south,to the west, to the northor there is a path wherethat touches the sky’sguidance the cloudswould meet with its element.To challenge him?The raining saw lead thewetness to the below fromaboveContinue reading “THIS JUST NATURE…”

Too many thoughts going on

I am going straight forward with you.I want to talk about the colour of skin.So here I go so bear with me.Are whites white in skin colour?Are blacks black in skin colour?What is your colour, human?I am going to ask you, obviously,Is a word white and black a callThe Separation of the unit?Human is likeContinue reading “Too many thoughts going on”

Find Faith in the Heart

Where are we?The Palace of the Holy Heart.What’s the matter?Faith’s there, so we look –And find him?Yes, that’s it.You set course to the –Palace of the Holy Heart.What is the Holy Heart?Everyone knows about it.Not to me.We prepare for the greater good!Is it a while to get to the –Palace of the Holy Heart, yes.What’sContinue reading “Find Faith in the Heart”

The circle of breathing

Thou lo at nature, how living greens do those things,And also, how the sky welcome the clouds to do their things, Whereas ye can look at how the soils can provide for us to seed,Aye, I learn something from them, as did History, and still,They know who they are, and know what they are doing,That’sContinue reading “The circle of breathing”