My Deaf Mind

Beneath, beneath, goodwill, well, riddle,How doth thou like if I sign a paradox,About how a sheep defeat all the predators?Neath, neath, look up to the goodwill of our Lord,The Miracle Creator, how you and I know not muchOf our Lord, the One who the world fights for His NameBut if ye ‘ve got the secretContinue reading “My Deaf Mind”

What is it about? Riddle? Oh, right

Mmm, mm, I tell you what I need to listenI don’t care what you think about meI want you to listen to me and say I listenWe listen to ourselves, not just myselfI will brave saying if I don’t listenWhat was I thinking? This questionKeeps popping, popping, and then somebodyCome and smile and say, what’sContinue reading “What is it about? Riddle? Oh, right”

[ Oh, ye must not give up ]

Oh, ye must not give upFor thee have hope and honourHumble the Wiser, and praise the SongWith thy heart, thy love, and thy joyGive up all thy habits that trouble thine addictionThee, thou, and ye, aye, all of you must deserveThe goodness, the rejoicing, and the just-smile-foreverHope, thee must, patience, and faith for long itContinue reading “[ Oh, ye must not give up ]”

Be fair to thyself as thou could

Thy love shall blossom all over thy familyBut thee must love thy time when thou art aloneEven if thou art in a room, or in a garden, whether ifThey are small, tiny, or big, huge, whatever size it isThy aloneness needs thee more than ye ever knowOh, thy love for others art such special andContinue reading “Be fair to thyself as thou could”

What ye in thine way

If a name Feel tells you to thinkGet up, out of your thoughts!Thee need sweets to light upOr thou think if I am awesome,Then act like one that you shouldProvoke, I know how it feelsWhen someone is provoking themselvesTo seek out their own nestRubbish is shown, everyone opens their eyesAlso, their noses are wide-openingThen someoneContinue reading “What ye in thine way”

Hoping that ye find my words

I made food for my body,But she feeds me daily,With content and marvellous,Like everything is victorious. Thee have been seeking for me,And I wait, wait, hoping that ye find my words.Thee bell my sound, hello, here I am,We are interested to get to know your scripture. Help, help, help, for thou have seeks for theContinue reading “Hoping that ye find my words”

Pray to Him with all yourself

Remember, reconsider, oh, study.Ye must study for thy sake,Or else what do you want to say?Ye say, I can’t, but I say, you study. The study, study, and study,What do thee think if I say, the Lord,No, I mean, our Holy Creator,Pray to Him with all yourself. Oh, oh, the ring bells like, how couldContinue reading “Pray to Him with all yourself”

How well do ye remember thy dreams

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay How well do ye remember thy dreamsYe never knew me as DreamerI bid that you remember when you sleepAnd also I bid that you must master itHow to define if you don’t memory all of itBut I have watched ye all your dreamsWhether you may not remember it allButContinue reading “How well do ye remember thy dreams”

It is from their heart that pumps

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Honour, oh think what can he do for youPeople want to see that she speaks of HimHow yet he can do for her to smile and hopeDefinition, define who ye art, or fine as thou artBut are you true to yourself or too many vocalsAm I to thy mindContinue reading “It is from their heart that pumps”