The Journey of Calmness

Indeed, it will lead you to a world of loving what is in you. Then the laughter smiles,All they do in their smiling,Let us laugh with joy. Lest it is whether if it makes sense, or not, let it least that all will come in a time, where to make sense. Thou lo at me,Continue reading “The Journey of Calmness”

A dream’s prophetic

A dream’s prophetic From the old age to the future of peaceThe old war will reduce by time to time,That at the end he will win for all peace,But to that happen he will be merciful,With the help of the Miracle MakerBecause of his kindness that cheers his heartSo the old age to the futureContinue reading “A dream’s prophetic”

Peaceful advice

Peace, peace, and peace,This I called, peace!I sail on my water to the ripple,Saying to them like, hold thine horse! Peace, peace, and peace,This calm, wide-openhearted, the time of inner’s peace,Aye, by the doorway, it awaits, and here I say like,I saw the sparkle, at the edge, glowing such inner being,In the spirit, the fire,Continue reading “Peaceful advice”

Love means for all

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay Peacetime is for usNever think that peace is yoursIt is for all souls If thou sayth thee loveArt thou a master of loveIf so, shall love all Our Holy OneWho made life and all that isYe art not alone The teaching’s writtenLove thy neighbour as thyselfNo selfish thank youContinue reading “Love means for all”

Remind Peace to Remember

Image by 174695 from Pixabay Peace, peace, will I forever ask myself, am I peacefulPeace, remind, and peace, remember, forever will I feel peaceful They said, how ye be a peace, oh, the other said, how they be a warWar is in my head, but forever will I ask myself, am I peacefulWar is aContinue reading “Remind Peace to Remember”

Dare, dare, and i dare

Thou do not need, dear Worry, I say whatGo to Peace, and be with him, oh, I dareDear Worry, thou do not need to look for tomorrowFor you will go to Peace, and be with him Dare, dare, and I dare Worry, to go to PeaceDare, dare and no matter how many I dareShe mustContinue reading “Dare, dare, and i dare”