Once will always be?

“If I tell thou about me,” said Life, “will ye have peace with the secret, seal thine mouth for me?” “Yeah,” said Gossiper, “I will keep thine words, and zip my mouth for thou.” “But never believe Gossiper, for they never keep their words, for once gossip, will always be gossip!” ©️ Ismael Mansoor

The wording in apprehension

What a day, said the simple, what a night,How well in ye of thine life?And the tiny simple said, how well in ye?The form to the core said the riddle,What such work to such noble in thine reason,How to ignore art thou, aw, look at the poverty,Those are such a day, such a night, suchContinue reading “The wording in apprehension”

Subverting Expectations of the Element

Water. I’m an important elementVoter. Well, I heard you, however, I’mSeeing you who carry liquids with you.Water. Voter, you know me well enough. Voter. And you know I need your big-help!The world knows your standard and your belief,Water. But the world doesn’t respect my grace.Voter. Give it time, Water, please, Water. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Saving millions one bite at a time

VEGAN. I am not eating meat, nor will I touch any diary.I will leave any animal alone, no more of the slaughter’s houses.I will ensure I pass it over to my generation, for no meats,But teach them the life of fruits and vegetables whom weMay eat, O liberate to eat no meats. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Opening into the Woods

I am inspiring to ye,Aye,I am inspiring to ye,Thee, thou, and you,Are not a damn in the heart,But in the smart,For all have done, heard or seen,All have said, every word, every sentence,Everything the system,Then they will inspire you,And all must accept it.Oh, sweet, how well art theeWho is not perfect-peaceful mind?The Earth has shownContinue reading “The Opening into the Woods”

What is it?

SuccessHonourable Trader, the father of Business.I am feeling like sunny, too happy to see you. Trader looks disappointed. TraderWhy you came to me?It is I, who under oath, to fulfilMy son’s fulfilment.Sorry, you came at the wrong time. SuccessWhy honourable Trader who under oath,Must fulfil your son’s, Business?Your people honour you as I do honourContinue reading “What is it?”

Shall We?

The provoke said, “Why are you here?”The chuckle, “Ye knew not the whole time.”“Well,” said the man of hope not false,“I want ye to see me how the reality defines,Then ye will not provoke me,Neither I to ye.”But the provoke chuckles, “Either way I to ye,I shall provoke ye if the patient is not inContinue reading “Shall We?”

The Path To Happiness

The Sadness is a friend to the emotion, and the Sadness said, “I had the whole depression within myself, and I let it not slip away. Well, the world allows me to miseries all that dwells inside me that eats it up all in the universe.” The Happiness is a rival to the Sadness, saidContinue reading “The Path To Happiness”

Transforming from stress to smile

The stress said, “Ye came to me as thine will, and it thanks to ye that I can survive until I die the day ye completely forsake me.” The anxiety said, “Ye went thine way to me as if ye rush to carry all thine blood to the heart, and say, “I don’t know whatContinue reading “Transforming from stress to smile”